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It is a picturesque world and as I’m armed with a smartphone, I go clicking pictures all the time.  And for someone as keen on clicking and sharing pictures, Instagram is the place to be.

How To Start A Blog

Thinking to myself ‘how many platforms can one really be on? I need to put a line somewhere to stop’. Though initially, I was a bit reluctant to join Instagram, I gave in to my interest and joined the platform a couple of months ago.  And since then when I dress I Instagram, when I dine out I Instagram, when I get a good photo opportunity I Instagram.  Instagram is certainly addictive and super fun and easy to use.

Even though I joined the bandwagon pretty late, I simply love Instagram. However, the big question is ‘who to follow’. It really doesn’t matter who you don’t follow, but the few you must follow are Bloggers. You shall want to know why? Here is why you should…

Beyond Blogging
Instagram gives you a sneak peek into a blogger’s life much beyond the blog. Apart from my niche, you will see pictures of my interests, my lifestyle, things I do, etc, etc. Instagram offers a more personal friendship. 

Dressing Down 

As a #fashionblogger my posts will be all articulated, meticulously styled and near perfect. My blog will reflect what I’d love to wear, how best it would be to style. However, on my Instagram feed, you will see what I actually wear on a day-to-day basis.

Wishlist & Others
When something fancy catches my eye it goes on to the lust list on Instagram. Isn’t that something you want to keep an eye out for, too? Flaunting goodies I receive from time to time also makes it on the feed. An honest thumbs up or down in the picture detail gives one first-person account of what I think about it. 

What’s Next
As a blogger, I receive loads of information about what products are going to be launched, what’s the new trend to hit the fashion industry and many a time I get these products/services offered to me much before they are available in the market. What better than Instagram to keep you updated as well as I Instagram the details. 

Events with Amazing Brands and Blogger Buddies
No extra points for guessing that I get invited to brand events, fashion shows, store launches and collection previews. The best way to know everything about these is Instagram as its instant sharing. Not only would you see the hits and misses but also get to meet my friends and get to know about different blogs and bloggers. Event pictures with friends are the most fun things, ever.

Last but not the least, Instagram is instant connection. So the basic point is to ‘Hit Follow’ and get to know amazing things about your favourite bloggers. 

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~ Heena

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  1. An interesting post. Good for those who dont know about Instagram.

  2. I quite agree with your post - it's very insightful :) I love following bloggers all around the world to get an insight on their culture and the events they attend :p

    gig love - gilliannong.com

  3. Such great ideas! I am definitely going to ask my readers to follow me on instagram, too :)

  4. agree ^^ me too, i like to following other bloogers and inspire each other, gig love
    @freddy_friday blog

  5. Sometimes I like following bloggers on instagram because I love learning photo styling tricks. :)