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The town of Pismo Beach is a classic beach town located on California’s central coastline that opens into beautiful white beaches and great weather. Pismo Beach is one of the five cities that is part of the 'Clam Capital of the World,’ and the town continues to celebrate the ‘Clam Festival’ every October to loads of clamming enthusiasts. With a gigantic clam statue that awaits at the entrance, the clam festival is buzzing with parades and competitions.

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Apart from the regular beach fun, Pismo Beach offers a lot of high energy activities to enjoy including riding, fishing and dune-bashing. One must do-activity in Pismo Beach town is to rent an all-terrain vehicle and go on a drive all through the dunes to the highest peak and enjoy exotic views of the ocean.

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Another aspect of the town that you need to experience is the Monarch Butterfly Grove that houses thousands of Monarch butterflies looking for shelter from the freezing winters. Pismo Beach is full of Eucalyptus trees that attract butterflies to form clusters with a shingle effect providing the much-needed warmth and support.

Once you have finished these must-do activities, travellers can indulge in some sporting activities like golfing, horse-riding, surfing, kite-boarding, sky-diving and sea kayaking. The Children’s Museum and the Athletic club also offer a unique experience to treasure. Just as there are a number of unique experiences to choose from in Pismo Beach town, there are a variety of stay options.

The Pismo Lighthouse Suites is the only all-suite hotel in Pismo Beach that has beautiful suite accommodations for the family. The oceanfront property is multi-themed with the nautical theme a perfect option to relax. Most of the suites have either a private patio or a private balcony for travellers to unwind.
Address: 2411 Price Street | Pismo Beach, CA 93449 | Tel: 805.773.2411 | Fax: 800.245.2411

The Cliffs is all about ‘living in luxury’ in a full-service resort with amazing views and world-class amenities. The resort also boasts of amazing golfing championships and wine trails along with exceptional guest experiences. The resort spa is known for its relaxing therapeutic body massages inspired by the elements of the sea.
Address: 2757 Shell Beach Road | Pismo Beach, CA 93449 | Tel: 805.773.5000 | Fax: 800.826.7827

The SeaCrest OceanFront Hotel is the perfect getaway that offers numerous activities for the whole family. The sunrises and sunsets from the retreat are said to be the most gorgeous. The retreat has many awards for its wine tasting programs, the sand dune adventures, and golf courses.
Address: 2241 Price Street | Pismo Beach, CA 93449 | Tel: 805.782.8400 | Fax: 800.773.4525

The Spyglass Inn is perfect for a romantic getaway with its perfect balance of casual approach and cosy retreat. Special rooms offers the latest in modern amenities whilst backed by private terraces and indoor fireplaces. With easy accessibility to the beach, the inn is a sought out stay for those who want some privacy while being close to the beach.
Address: 2705 Spyglass Drive | Pismo Beach, CA 93449 | Tel: 805.773.4855 | Fax: 800.824.2612

So what are you waiting for, get travelling! Start packing and head to Pismo Beach for your next holiday. After all, your stay is sorted already.

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