Rohit Bal's Show At LFW 2016 Through The LYF Lens

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As a fashion week regular, one thing I sure swear by are some of the essentials that a fashion blogger needs to keep in mind. There are a few must have to survive the fashion week and make sure you turn up every morning as fresh as a daisy and go back home with an amazing bank of images to write about. 

Comfortable shoes, a roomy bag, statement pieces of accessories, long lasting make-up and blogger tools are the most important things one has to carry all around. I see a lot of bloggers carry multiple gadgets like a camera, video recorder and voice recorder around and I really wonder how they manage juggling all of these things. I prefer to carry just my LYF mobile’s #LYFsmartphones, Earth ‘Element’ from their range which not only helps me give my readers and followers an insight into the fashion world, but also is an all-inclusive tool completely fuss free. 

The Earth is a gorgeous looking phone in white with gold trims all around, and though its a very common design there is something about it that instantly appeals to me. Apart from the standard stuff, the phone has a notification LED around the power button that lights up in different colours depending upon the type of notification received. I am in particular going to speak about the battery and camera performance as that's what is most important to us bloggers. 

The battery is simply outstanding, especially with the multiple apps running on the phone at the same time, it sure outlives most of its competitors. The plus point for me was that in-spite of continuously using it for practically the entire day that phone did not feel warm at any point in time. The screen is quite large and good to navigate through the social media platforms easily. 

I took a little time to completely understand how the dual camera feature works but once I did, there has been no looking back. The phone beautifully guides the users to the camera's app and it offers numerous setting to play with. The primary sensor is 13 megapixels and video quality records at 1080 pixels, which is really promising. Apart from this the camera has two important settings Refocus and Foregrounder. Refocus allows to set focus on a particular point on the screen and then vary the density accordingly. Foregrounder is a more manual refocus that allows colour filters and allows to further refine the pictures. 

So a smart phone with a great battery life and one that can ensure good quality pictures and videos is a must -have. If your current handset doesn't do the trick and you are forced to carry multiple gadgets that weigh you down, invest in a great friendly phone like LYF mobile's #LYFsmartphones. 

Here is a glimpse of my #LakméFashionWeek Summer Resort 2016 closing show by Rohit Bal through my #Earth LYF smartphone. Enjoy. 

I was lucky enough to get front row seat and thus just went clicking with my #LYFsmartphones. 
- Heena

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