Tips To Shop For The Perfect Wedding Dress

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Ok, so now you have a ring from him and it’s time you start looking for that perfect dress. However you are utterly at a disadvantage as you do not know where to start. Shopping for a wedding dress can not only be a thrilling experience but also a very exhausting one. But since it will by far be the most important thing for the best day of your life you need to start planning, and start planning right. So here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind while looking to find that ‘one dress’ that speaks to you.

  • Plan on the look you wish to opt for… contemporary, classy, romantic, etc in advance by browsing through wedding gown sites and magazines. 
  • Since a salon appointment is typically 1.5 hours, book not more than 2-3 a day so as to make the most of each salon instead of worrying about the next. 
  • Bring only two or three people to show for your wedding dress; ideally your mom, mom-in-law and best friend so as to limit opinions and suggestions. 
  • Do not think about the size you fit into, just focus on the fit of the dress. Never plan in advance for a size down thinking of losing weight, pick what fits best now.
  • Keep your price range in mind and discuss the same with the salon; and always try gowns in your price range. 
  • Try the gown with the footwear you want to wear or atleast the heel height so you know the way the gown falls to be sure how the dress looks. 
  • Bring proper undergarments to try on with your wedding dresses so you get a clear picture of the transformative powers of the right shapewear and bra.
  • Last but not the least, have an open mind to new styles, cuts and lengths. You never know which gown will look gorgeous on you than the one you had in mind.
These are two of my most favourite wedding gowns.

With these tips, I hope you are able to pick the right dress for your wonderful day. 
- Heena

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