Lingerie Brand Triumph Reveals New Feminine Logo

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Triumph unveiled its new brand identity with a beautiful gorgeous logo emphasising femininity and empathy at Grandmamas Café, Lower Parel. The brand has made waves with its exceptional craftsmanship in lingerie making for women since 1886. 

At the launch were Femina Miss India finalists, Mrs. Jennifer Kapasi, Head of Operations of Triumph International in India and Mr. Shalindra Fernando, General Manager of Triumph International (India and Sri Lanka). With Triumph tying up with Femina Miss India as the confidence partners, the new logo was unveiled in the presence of the Miss India aspirants. 

Mr. Shalindra Fernando spoke at length about the vision of the company emphasising the future with a walk down the company's past. The maker of lingerie since 1886 with a reputation for providing outstanding quality and exceptional craftsmanship with a reference to their heritage. Communicating the strength of the brand’s heritage in combination with its progressive personality, the beautiful new logo conjures up everything the brand stands for and where it is headed.  

Mrs. Jennifer Kapasi spoke about the brand passionately. She emphasised saying, "Sensual without being overtly sexy, feminine, informal and warm with inner drive and strength, our realigned look is rooted in craft, and multifaceted to reflect our extensive range of products for various occasions. Emphasizing femininity and empathy, our new logo is influenced by vernacular German handwriting of the 18th century and our logos from the mid-20th century. The flowing and looped bespoke lettering balances warmth, femininity, fluidity and strength. We believe that our latest promotional photography truly catches each element of our brand personality as we speak woman to woman, capturing realistic aspirations and moments in her life."

During the event we had a change to catch up with Jennifer and asked her two-must have products from the brand and here is what she said... 

As an iconic global lingerie brand, Triumph has upgraded its image to really stand out in the competitive intimate apparel market, making the brand more enticing for the consumer. Looking to the future, we see Triumph leading the way with even more innovation, beautiful design and perfectly fitting garments. 

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