#BootUpYourLife With Reliance Digital’s resQ Care Plan

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My first tryst with the Reliance Digital Store was a couple of years ago when I was amazed with the store’s offering in both national and international brands. In less than a couple of hours I knew more about the major product categories, the price ranges, the discounts and the service. It was the first time I understood that technological solutions are categorised into Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunications. So the visit was a great learning for me.
Last month when I moved into my new home I decided to opt for annual maintenance for all electronic items to set myself free from the day to day servicing hassle. Since I didn't want the chaos of contacting individual companies to register the products for extended warranty and service, I started browsing around for an all-inclusive plan. That’s when I remembered the Reliance Digital resQ After Sales Service that supports product installation, repair or maintenance and thought about connecting with them.

To be honest when I requested a home visit, I wasn't sure what to expect, but professionalism was what I knew I'd get. After spending a couple of hours at home today, the Customer Service Representative Sachin understood my requirement and worked out a great deal.

The annual maintenance contract has been just what I was looking for. I was amazed not only with the precision in which Sachin worked out the plan but also with his patience, product knowledge, positive attitude and commitment to delight the customer. He had.... 

Exemplary Communication Skills 

With technological advancements, brands have adopted newer digital ways to reach customers, however Reliance Digital still believes in keeping the human element present in interactions. Sachin, is a perfect example of how listening and understanding customer requirements and delivering beyond expectation always makes a great impact. He patiently heard all my queries, understood my needs, offered solutions and resolved my concerns with clear and precise information. 

In-depth Product Knowledge and Expertise

Brands brush off customer queries with product brochures and information leaflets when consumers seek more information regarding products and services. Sachin knew most of the information I was seeking, and apart from giving the information he also offered insights into the best products as per my usability and need.  He turned out to be an encyclopedia of product information, use instructions and service schedules. 

Problem-Solving Attitude

The most important thing that customers seek is a problem solving attitude, however most brands keep customers on hold and revert with half-baked information that does not help. Sachin was fantastic in this respect, he offered numerous solutions to my service concerns, sometimes even connecting to his manager to ensure he provided the information that is accurate and verifiable.

With such a positive attitude, professionalism and commitment it wasn't a surprise that I signed up for the resQ Care Plan to #BootUpYourLife. To know more about Reliance resQ click here.

How do you manage products in your home? 
- Heena

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