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California, just its name makes one dream big. California captures the heart and soul of every traveller who ventures into the most populous western US state. Oozing with a dramatic terrain, cliff-lined beaches, redwood forest, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Central Valley farmland, and the arid Mojave Desert encircle California. The main cities include the sprawling Los Angeles (home to the Hollywood entertainment industry), San Diego with its outdoor Zoo Safari Park, Furnace Creek in Death Valley, and San Francisco--the road to the Golden Gate Bridge.

With so much on offer to "Fuel Your Dreams," the state has some outstanding travel-friendly stay options to pick from. After scanning through numerous hotels, here are five hotels that make my list:

Caliente Tropics Hotel 
Image Credit: Caliente Tropics Hotel
A Tiki and Polynesian-style tropical hotel built in 1964, the Caliente Tropics Hotel has recently undergone a contemporary and modern makeover to suit the new-age traveller. Through remodelling the overall interiors of the facilities, rooms and the overall feel, the hotel has managed to keep its retro feel intact to offer the best location, recreation activities, and atmosphere in Palm Springs. 

Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs
Image Credit: Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs
The unimaginable design of a new Fender Stratocaster infused with the laid-back attitude of a reggae band, the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs delights the music sensibilities of every traveller. A one-of-its-kind music program, "Sound of Your Stay," enables guests to produce a personalized soundtrack of their stay in the hotel, which will forever serve as a special reminder of your stay at the hotel.

V Palm Springs
Image Credit: V Palm Springs
The desert inspired theme of V Palm Springs emulates the natural, soulful spirit of the open-air hotel. The mountainous backdrop offers breath-taking views to travellers who can even opt for the hotel’s ‘Strip Down Promotion’ that encourages travellers to embrace the tantalizing desert playground while staying undressed and getting a room, in a one-of-its-kind initiative that takes one back in time.

Pismo Lighthouse Suites
Image Credit: Pismo Lighthouse Suites
The Pismo Lighthouse Suites is the only all-suite hotel in Pismo Beach that has a beautiful oceanfront view whether travellers opt for suites with either a private patio or a private balcony. With easy access to the Pismo Beach as well as multiple activities, the hotel is perfect for all guests. A life-size game of chess is the highlight of the outdoor activities the hotel offers, which people of all ages enjoy.

The Cliffs
Image Credit: The Cliffs
The Cliffs Image is all about "living in luxury," whether a guest prefers sweeping mountain vistas or an idyllic lakefront home. The full-service resort with amazing views and world-class amenities boasts amazing golf courses and wine trails along with exceptional guest experiences. With a perfect mix of seclusion when travellers want peace and entertainment when travellers want fun, the Cliffs has the best of both amenities.

So while you check out these amazing stay options don't forget to make a checklist of all you want to do. One of the easiest ways to make sure you don't miss anything important is to take the celebrated, cost-hugging drive that begins in San Diego, at the southern end of the state and ends in the San Francisco.

Get travelling.
- Heena

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