Pledge #FreedomFromDampness To Protect Your Loved Ones

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Just like every year I looked forward to the monsoons this year and was euphoric as the rains arrived in Mumbai in a timely manner. Not only did the waters bring in a respite to all the water shortage in the city but also pushed us city dwellers to take the much-needed breaks during the weekends.

Since the last weekend was an extended weekend due to the Independence Day, we headed out of the city to enjoy the celebrations. Unfortunately for us the resort rooms that we were allotted were terribly damp with a few corners screaming of water seepage. Inspite of a few requests our rooms weren't changed due to the resort booked at full capacity. We thought about adjusting as we didn't want to go out looking for another accommodation. While discussing the problem with the manager the next morning we realised that water seepage is not only a super annoying yet common problem faced by majority property and homeowners but also a challenging situation to rectify for home improvement experts. Sometimes the problem is practically untraceable due to the varied factors of seepage such as cracks in external walls, honeycomb concrete, defective sealant and waterproofing membrane or faulty plumbing.

The water seepage at the resort seemed due to multiple problems such as faulty plumbing fixtures, roof drain pipe leakage and poor plaster on external walls. What we failed to understand that when simple solutions to these problems are so easily available why don't people ensure freedom from dampness? Over the next few days, we saw watermarks, blisters, bubbled wall paint on the walls that completely grossed us out. Apart from the visible wall deterioration, the seepage also caused fungal and bacterial growth on the walls which could cause health issues like allergies, respiratory problems and even an atmosphere of depression.

Once the weekend was over and we got home, we looked around the house and were thankful that we made the right decisions while building our home. We trusted only the experts; professionals who know their jobs and products that have stood the test of time. We ensured our #FreedomFromDampness by not only ensuring adequate wall thickness and proper construction joints but also using the right product for waterproofing the walls with Dr. Fixit Raincoat and the roof with Dr. Fixit Newcoat Ezee. Not only did we protect the exterior of our house but also the interior by using Dr. Fixit Dampguard for our internal walls & ceilings and Dr. Fixit Bathseal to negate any chance of leakage in the bathroom tile joint or plumbing. 

My weekend experience taught me a simple yet powerful lesson, that water is beautiful when it falls out of the sky or when it gushes down the tap, not when it's leaking through fixtures or walls. So as a homemaker, I vow to protect your family by protecting your homes with Dr. Fixit just like the intelligent lady in the video below. Watch, have fun and bring the doctor home!

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- Heena

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