5 Ways To Manage The Period

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5 Ways To Manage The Period - www.iCynosure.in

2000’s is a good time to be a girl. You can do almost anything your heart desires. It is also a time you can talk freely about topics that were taboo a decade ago, like ‘the period’. Everyone is now not only openly talking about menstruation but also demanding reforms with regards to feminine hygiene products and services.

It is indeed revolutionary to see these changes and help each other deal with and manage ‘those days’ to live a healthier life. Women have used alternative methods of menstrual management to cope with periods, some which are easy and convenient for everyone, while some are more discreet and less wasteful. Here are 5 ways to manage your period:

5 Ways To Manage The Period - www.iCynosure.in

Sanitary Napkins
Sanitary Napkins are the most tried, tested and used option to manage periods. Different pads are available for different absorbency needs, suitability, comfort and accessibility. Today there are numerous options available, however I recommend the everteen® Neem & Safflower Pads for heavy flow days and the everteen® Skin Thin Pads for light flow days. The cotton sanitary pads are perfect for quick absorption, ventilation, and they prevent odour and restore the vaginal pH balance.

Tampons are the most discreet way to manage periods. Girls prefer tampons as the little plugs fit inside the intimate area absorbing the blood making them cleaner and less messy. The everteen® Applicator Tampons are perfect especially for active lifestyles, that adjust perfectly to your shape, giving superior leak protection. The best part is that you can wear clothes of your choice even during periods without any embarrassment or pad lines showing up.

Menstrual Cups
Menstrual Cups are the safest, easiest and healthiest way to manage periods. Girls prefer this more innovative, modern yet discreet and eco-friendly alternative to make life simpler while picking a sustainable and cost-effective option.

Period Sponge
Period Sponges are similar to tampons, but a more flexible way to manage periods. Girls opt for period sponges as they are not only more easier to use but also reusable for upto a year. However, sponges can get a bit messy while taking off.

Period Underwear
Period Underwear is the newest way to manage periods. Girls trial with period underwear as it is designed similar to regular underwear with a built-in blood collecting layer. There are two types of period underwear - one that can be washed like regular underwear and reused while the other is a disposable one that is perfect for one-time use.

So in a nut-shell managing your period can be a different experience for us all. Since there are multiple options available, you can better customise the solution keeping in mind what’s most important for you - convenience, comfort, price, and more. And always remember that your period is a sign your body is working healthily and just as it should.

Do let me know in the comments which according to you is the best product to manage your period.

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  1. I remember when I hit puberty I was hardly given any options to manage my period, maybe because the options were so limited. Now with the evolution and new products in the Intimate Hygiene sector, I want to give my growing daughter a chance to pick the product that suits her best for her to manage her period.

  2. Though I have used sanitary pads all my life, I think moms should try to get their girls to use menstrual cups for sanitary, economic and environmental benefits.

  3. I would absolutely opt for a menstrual cup for its benefits. However I still continue to use pads, and want to change as soon as my baby arrives and I've settled into the motherhood routine.

  4. I use tampons and absolutely recommend it for discretion.

  5. I wish someone had given me these options when I hit puberty, so that I could make a conscious decision.