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This I love playing games, and this lockdown has heightened my online gaming to a really different level. Though I’ve never explored online casino games before as I thought it was illegal in India, but I’ve got to know that there is no ban on international sites. Numerous sites offer online casino games, including slot machines, blackjack, roulette and poker; while some offer the classical arcade games too.

The scope of games in the online world is limitless with a host of choices that are available 24/7, 365 days a year, where one doesn’t have to wait for a seat, make smaller stakes by making a deposit to play. It’s also a standard practice for online casinos to offer casino bonuses when a player signs up int he range of 40-200% of the deposit amount. Bonuses are incentives provided and can be in numerous forms such as free spins, on-site cash or gifts.

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As I set out to explore the world of online casinos, here are three of my favourites games I love to play whether at a Diwali party or in a brick-and-motor casino in Goa or on an online portal:

3 Card Poker
The most simple card game is poker, where you have to use three cards to make a hand. Once the cards are dealt, players compete against the dealer to see who has the best 3-card poker hand. Bet depending upon the cards, especially if one has a Straight Flush or Three of a Kind.

The most popular card game is blackjack, where you have to use the face value of cards to add up to 21 or as close without going over. Once the cards (2) are dealt, the player can either ‘Hit' to ask for another card or ‘Stand’ to hold your total and play. Many Blackjack variations are currently played to add even more fun and intrigue to the game.

The most fun card game in baccarat, popularised in James Bond movies, where the dealer deals cards (2) face up, two each for the player and banker and whichever hand totals closest to nine wins. The player can bet depending on the first cards that are dealt.

I play these games regularly with my family at home, but I’ve now upgraded to play these online, to discover a new form of entertainment. However one must remember that playing online casino games can be addictive and it is important to keep the playing habits in check.

Also if you are interested in exploring online games, check the local Indian laws and regulation before spending time and money, playing. And remember no one will always win, however the fun is in the playing.

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~ Nithya

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  1. I'm a sucker for online games, especially card games. And India having legalised international online casino sites I'm having fun playing my favourite Diwali card games online. Have you played any of these? Or do you have a favourite online game?

  2. I haven't played online game in a long time.

  3. That's quite the games list, though have never played poker online before. But I am sure there are a lot of people who do

  4. Hey Nithya, that's one amazing list. Blackjack and Hold'em Poker are my favorites!

  5. Manisha - I don't play much of online games. This post gave a whole lot of new information to me about online gaming, thanks!

  6. That's quite an interesting list.
    Would definitely love to try my hands on a few of them.

  7. During this lockdown, people are more addicted to online games. Poker I have never played but will check this good list for sure.

  8. AnonymousJune 12, 2020

    They really amazing inlkon Games. i have tried them. Anyone can enjoy.

  9. I have never played any of these games. The only game I have played using cards is Rummy. I think I should look at how to play these, these games seem like fun.

  10. Ah, interesting!! I haven't tried playing these games online. I love playing cards so I am sure I will enjoy learning and trying my hand at them.

  11. I am such a cards person all the way... be it Diwali, New Year or any weekend.

  12. The lockdown has made people take up various activities and online games are sure on a rise among all people.

  13. This article reminds me of the saatham-aatham that gujjus celebrate just to play cards all night long.