All You Need To Know About Panty Liners

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All You Need To Know About Panty Liners -

Panty Liners are akin to sanitary napkins but only thinner, lighter and relatively smaller. The tiny version works the same way but is not to soak menstruation or period blood, but to combat vaginal discharge.

Panty Liners should be used:
» a day or two before and after your period
» with a menstrual cup to avoid any accidents
» when you feel moist while working out or travelling

Panty Liners should not be used:
» while sleeping, especially long hours
» for your period, especially during heavy flow

Panty Liners should be used to:
» to maintain good intimate hygiene, especially you have regular vaginal discharge
» to arrest light incontinence, especially during pregnancy or if you have stress
» to manage postpartum flow, especially if it continues for beyond a fortnight post-delivery
» to protect during the pre-period days, especially if you have an irregular cycle

Panty Liners features to look for:
» made of natural material and are biodegradable
» contain no harmful synthetics or chemicals
» breathable layers help keep moisture away
» ultra-thin and extra absorbent for freshness

All You Need To Know About Panty Liners -

I’m using everteen® 100% Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners for my intimate hygiene and to combat the vaginal discharge, urine leakage and unexpected period. However, I ensure I take the following precautions while using panty liners and I suggest you…

» change your liner every 3-4 hours
» do not overuse if you have sensitive skin
» stop use incase of rashness and itchiness

Now you can be yourself… dance away without worrying about leakage, laugh out loud without worrying about bladder leakage, work out fiercely without worrying about discharge.

Until next time,
~ Nithya

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