Intimate Hygiene Routine Every Girl Should Follow

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Proper hygiene is extremely important for a woman’s health, and more so ever of the intimate areas. Having said this it is also important to understand that intimate hygiene is different from regular hygiene and we should adopt some dos and don’ts to ensure that the intimate area is well-maintained.

So what really is intimate hygiene? The intimate areas have an acidic pH value that is more acidic than the rest of the body, which makes it self-cleansing. When proper intimate hygiene is followed, the pH balance is maintained and you will have a healthy and happy intimate area. Just like menstruation, intimate hygiene is an equally taboo subject and very few women speak about it or offer tips. However, here is a ready reckoner to know everything you need to know about intimate hygiene:

Use Clean and Dry Undergarments
Wet and dirty undergarments can not only lead to bad odour but also infections. So no matter what age you are, the very basic requirement for intimate hygiene is to use clean and dry undergarments.

Maintain Period Hygiene
Women who have normal blood flow should change the period product they use every four-six hours. The same rule should apply to the days when you have a light blood flow. Additionally it is important to wash the intimate area after every toilet visit.

Clean with Intimate Wash
It is advisable to use products specifically made for delicate areas to clean your intimate areas to ensure not upsetting the pH balance. Products such as everteen® Natural Intimate Wash are actually developed specifically for your intimate area, that help prevent  unpleasant odour, vaginal itching and irritation and protect natural pH flora. The product is available in four variants -  you can opt for either the everteen® Natural Intimate Foam Wash or everteen® Natural Intimate Wash; else go for a specific product like everteen® Natural Intimate Wash for Moms with Witch Hazel extracts or  everteen® Natural Intimate Wash for Teens with Yogurt.

Avoid Tight Clothes
Wearing synthetic fabrics in fitted silhouettes can cause a lot of sweating due to reduced air circulation leading to growth of bacteria, years, etc. So it is advisable to use breathable fabrics that allow air circulation as well as sweat absorption.

See The Gynaecologist
Apart from regular care, having regular gynaecological checks is crucial to maintain your intimate hygiene and health. It is also crucial to undergo a Pap Smear every few years to screen for changes in the cells that may cause harm.

This is what I follow to maintain my lifestyle, I urge you to share these tips with all your friends for an overall healthy and well intimate area.

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  1. Just like menstruation, intimate hygiene is an equally taboo subject and very few women speak about it or offer tips. However, in this article, you will find a ready reckoner about intimate hygiene.

  2. An article that is indeed a must read for every girl, woman, old lady. Thanks for sharing such vital tips for intimate hygiene.

  3. I agree that very few people talk about menses or intimate hygiene. Thank you for these tips and recommendations.

  4. I do follow most of these steps to ensure a healthy body and mind.

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