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Life in India is an array of beautiful emotions; a reflection of our rich heritage, culture and festivals. This enormous diversity is amalgamated on one front, in the reflection of beautiful colors that mirror the country’s personality. From clothes to cuisine, from dance to music, from homes to décor… there are always various colors that stand out to mesmerize everyone with their beauty and sincerity. 

In all of the chaos of colors what stands out is the simplicity in which it’s all put together. Wonder what I’m talking about? 

Holii, a strong and unique voice; is a brand to look out for as the mark of India inspired designs for the woman who enjoys color. The brand is a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics of a sophisticated culture and modernization for today’s woman which was evident at the pre-view of the Autumn Winter Collection 2014.

The new lines of handbags have been inspired by everyday basics, and include some amazing brand new styles and unique concepts and color. 

While sipping on some champagne in-between bits of cheese; especially flown in from Pondicherry we browsed through the collection at Palladium Mall on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon while chatting with product designer Rashi. I even tried my hand at sewing in some cute teddy keychains. As we made our keychains, Richa of Corals with Blues and myself raced each other to complete our styles. I gifted the little cutie I made to one of the customers at the store who really liked it, so my little teddy keychain went off to Germany to hold some valuable keys.

The two most notable additions to the handbag lineup at #holiiaw14 were Jasmine and Hyacinth. Jasmine is a pieced-together satchel that comes in a variety of sizes, and although it’s more like eco-friendly it does feel chic and easy to style. For being a go-getter I would love to flaunt the Magnolia as it is compact yet roomy, a tote yet a crossbody, colorful yet subtle. However for me Hyacinth is the star of the show; it feels natural and uncomplicated, with a beautiful burst of soothing colors and an extremely luxury feel in person.

The quality and feel is expensive, and rightly so as Holii is also making a push to expand its offerings into a full-scale premium-contemporary handbag lifestyle brand with an introductory Mens line in the near future. The best argument in favor of that move is the brand’s sister concern Highdesign’s humongous success in the said market sector. 

Such an amazingly creative person, Rashi ensured all the clientele has been catered to with shoulder bags, oversized clutches and messenger bags along with my favorites as listed above. Rashi, the lead product designer shared insights of the designing process and the manner in which the product takes shape step-by-step and it seemed so fascinating. The new #holiiaw14 collection is a blaze of most interesting global trends with an Indian flavor served up for the upcoming season.

A visit to the workshop cum factory in Pondicherry is now a dream that I’ve already shared with both Rashi and the PR team. I’m sure I’ll visit soon and share some amazing insights from ground zero with some enviable pictures and secrets. Untill you get your hands on these gorgeous pieces, here are the pictures for you. 


So which one is our favorite? Tell me in the comments below. 

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