Tuesday, May 05, 2015

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What do you do every weekend? Escape to a romantic spot, party with your pals, get drunk with your better half or dine with your parents. My weekends have become routine; home related shopping, time out with princess followed by dinner with hubby for a Saturday night. Sundays are all the more relaxing with film or theatre plans. 

However, with the kind of movies releasing these days, Sundays are becoming dreadful; but there is hope at the end of the tunnel. The year 2015 is touted as one of the best years for the film industry. Movie-goers think it a brave claim and critics are laughing their heads off. However, when I see the movies that are lined up for the rest of the year I know those claims could be true. Some relatively new concept films and much-awaited installments of successful movies are slated for release over the next few months.

From the new Star Wars film to a reboot of the Jurassic Park franchise; the next year looks like it is jam-packed with sequels and spin-offs. Although there are many big-budget films slated for release in 2015, most have yet to even release trailers keeping film enthusiasts like myself eagerly waiting for a brief glimpse of what’s in store much before they hit the theatres.

Considering the over supply - under demand due to the film quality these potential blockbusters are asking to be watched. However, with the uncertainty of the production values, one can never be sure of what will actually hit the cinema halls and it is always a gamble watching a film. Just like me, some crazy film buff decided to compile a list of ‘The Must Watch Movies of 2015’. If I was compiling this list there would definitely be some variations, however, stick to this list and see what this list is all about. With deets on the production costs and expected openings, this list is a sure shot fun read and follows maybe!

I've watched this not only for the thrill and the amazing film on film excitement but for Paul Walker too. The film has touched a zillion people for reasons of the heart. 

This one is on the agenda this weekend! Heard it is the worst of the lot, but still going to give it a shot. 

There are precisely 2 reasons to watch this movie... Karan Johar and Raveena Tandon. Others too. 
And the rest of the films will be evaluated as and when they release! 

Which films on this list are your ‘Must Watch’ ones? Any other that you think should have been included? Leave me your comments… 

Until more, happy watching!
- Heena


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