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Monday, May 11, 2015

Posted On May 11, 2015 by Team iCynosure.

Stepping Into Motherhood To Create A Lifetime Of Memories

Motherhood is a rainbow where each color is unique and symbolizes something special, however when they come together they form a spectrum of misty light that is awesomeness. This motherhood rainbow is created with varied emotional variations, upheavals and unexpectedness.

And I welcomed my rainbow from the horizon into my sky on a chaotic day that was filled with excitement, fear, pain, anxiety and a lot of love. It was November 18th, 2011 at around 3.30 am when my water broke and my husband and mother-in-law rushed me to the hospital. The head nurse did the preliminary checks and suggested some exercises.

In some time I was made comfortable in my room; pillow arranged around making me as comfortable as they could. The doctor arrived and I was taken to the sonography room for further observation. He seemed happy with the progress I was making and said we will have a beautiful child in our hands in a couple of hours.

As my mother arrived and I realized it was well over 6 hours with me being in over 4 hours of labor. Having read about labor pains and the uneasiness, I was surprised I hardly felt anything except butterflies in my stomach. A few hours passed and after a couple of re-examinations the doctor seemed a tad bit worried. He told my hubby that the baby had moved into the breech position and all was well for a normal delivery however a lot of fluid was already lost. He suggested that either we could opt for a C-section or wait for a couple of hours to check the contractions for a normal delivery. The only fear was that if I were to lose more fluid, then it could affect the well-being of our baby.

Without wasting anytime I was wheeled inside the OR at 1.30 pm and I heard the best sound of my life - tiny sobs in less than 15 minutes. Fully conscious of what was happening I asked "How is my princess?" The doctor smiled and replied, "Healthy and gorgeous, just like her momma". I relaxed.

When I woke up, I saw some of the best people in my life all gushing over a little miracle. As my husband realised I had woken up he picked my little doll and brought her to me. 

November 18th, 2011 at 4.00 pm was the first time I held my life in my hands. The first thing I noticed was that she was a true replica of her daddy; to our amazement both of us had broad smiles contrasting the tears in our eyes. 

The day was a roller-coaster that took me from a wife to a momma. For the first time I realized qualities I never thought I possessed… strength, tenderness, weakness, worship and above all UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

The day that will remain etched in my memory till the last breathe I take, the day I received the best blessing I could, the blessing of motherhood. Thank you princess for being my miracle, for choosing me as your mother! 

I Love You My Princess,
~ Momma

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