Do You #Dare2Stare, Lets Share Our Vision

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Do You #Dare2Stare, Lets Share Our Vision

Life is such a roller coaster ride that sometimes it becomes unpredictable how you would see a certain situation and react to it. Even something positive can be perceived as negative when seen from a tangent, only for the reason that every individual has a different point of view and a different perspective. 

Unfortunately I have been the kind of person that always at the negative of things more than the positive. Not because I am a negative sort of a person but because I am more of a self-debating person. There were times when I thought that if there isn’t a negative, it’s a myth and not an actual occurrence.

Yes that’s true, for me a negative was a sign of possibility. And no negative meant any possibility. However, over time I realised the way I saw things was incorrect and thus I needed to correct my vision to see the bright side of things, or more so the right side of things. 

One of the few reasons that I found hampered my outlook towards life was actually my vision. I knew I had weak eyes, but I never graduated to wearing spectacles because I thought it would hamper my look. I always wanted to put my best foot forward and look my stylish best and thus I avoided the most natural thing that would help me clear my vision. Finally I chose spectacles to look at the positives that life could offer. 

No sooner my physical vision improved, it helped my outlook in life thereby giving me the space to change my perception physically as well as my thought process. With clarity that I found within I looked to enhance the external with upgrading from spectacles to contact lenses. As beautiful as the naked eye, contact lenses allow you to see the world just as it is, in plain or in colored mayhem. With contact lenses comes a higher responsibility of wearing the contact lenses perfectly as well as maintaining them right to ensure the perfect vision. Sometimes artificial help impairs more than it repairs and one must be certain to benefit from it. 

Not only do you need to uplift yourself for clearer vision, but also find it in your heart to see without your eye. And above all you need that beauty in your heart to help others clear their vision as well. Sometimes they say to see more with your heart than your eyes. Now close your eyes for a minute and think about a lifetime of this…. Be honest now and answer. … Can you actually live with seeing with your heart than your eyes? 

It is a tough question to ask isn’t it? Well I'll make the answer easy for you, lets play a game that we all have played since we were children... I've taken the dare. I lost, not only my dare but also my heart. Such a beautifully woven video to drive home one of the most important aspects of human-kind. Donation. 

It's always not about the money, sometimes its the matter of the heart as well. Donation is not giving life, it is creating a life after your own life. Eye Donation is a chance you give your eyes to live and brighten another life. Having taken this challenge, this dare; I have pledged to let my eye see many more days. 

What about you, do you dare to take the challenge

If you lose the dare, sign the pledge to clear the vision for someone to a beautiful tomorrow. And if you win, do the very same. 

For a brighter and clearer tomorrow, 
~ Heena

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