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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Posted On May 17, 2015 by Team iCynosure.

It has been my long-standing dream to have a huge collection of earrings. Everyone who has known me knows of my fetish for the ear endearment and has gifted me a pair to add to the stash whatever be the occasion. But as bad luck would have it a few years ago I realized I have a nickel allergy and hence my entire cosmetic jewellery collection is just lying in my closet for others to enjoy. I have been contemplating giving away my treasure, but first I need to replenish it with what suits my skin allergy.

Dazzle with Delicate for Candera Jewellery

My search for the best has taken me from the local goldsmith to the more renowned designers. However, I have never been fully satisfied with the collections which are either too traditional or too modern and if they seem versatile enough they cost a bomb. After a few years of unsuccessful research and failed recommendations, I resigned to having just a few pieces in my jewellery box.

But there is a genie somewhere who seemed to have guessed my only wish and came to my rescue. 

As I browsed through a social networking site a few days ago, I came across Candere. A first of its kind premium online jewellery store Candere understands my needs and provides made-to-order solutions keeping my requirements in mind. Every product from the brand comes with Insured Free Shipping, Product Certification, A Lifetime Exchange Policy and an EMI Payment Option. Apart from the super user-friendly shopping warranties, the USP of the product is its bespoke international designs that most appealed to me.

The designs are updated regularly and the collection boasts of both dainty and statement pieces that can be styled in multiple ways. I've picked me a week to begin with.

Dazzle with Delicate for Candera Jewellery
My Monday blues are going to be driven away by this magical Yogini Balis

Dazzle with Delicate for Candera Jewellery
My terrible Tuesdays are going to be subdued by this terrific Abhilasha Drops

Dazzle with Delicate for Candera Jewellery
My worked-up Wednesdays are going to be calmed by this wonderful Xabat Studs 

Dazzle with Delicate for Candera Jewellery
My talkative Thursdays are going to be calmed by this thoughtful Rosecut Solitaires

Dazzle with Delicate for Candera Jewellery
My faded Fridays are going to be highlighted by this Fun Blissful Cocktails

Dazzle with Delicate for Candera Jewellery
My slow Saturdays are going to get sweet with this spectacular Bhumika Jhumkis

Dazzle with Delicate for Candera Jewellery
My sad Sundays are going to be brighter with this sunny Chitrali Citrines

Having got a week-full of gorgeous pieces I set out to explore the other sections as well. I particularly liked the Mangalsutra designs and was amazed at the huge collection ranging from 10 k to over 2 Lac. This brand is indeed bookmarked as my one-stop destination for jewellery needs. 

Have you got your jewellery week sorted? 
~ Heena


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