Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Posted On August 05, 2015 by Team iCynosure.

Every person wants to put together an amazing curated home, with enviably decorated rooms. However this is a mean feat. With a sea of infinite décor options that are available and can be sourced from all over the world depending upon your taste and mood, the selection becomes more and more confusing. 

The one thing that helps to spruce up your home whether you are looking for little change or a complete makeover is décor items. An easy convenient and a reasonably inexpensive way to overhaul the look of your home is to play with the décor and upgrade home accessories to give it a brand new look. Since home décor items are not your regular designing process, you don’t need an expert to assist you. All you need is a theme and a place that feeds that theme. However whatever theme you choose, you only need one place to feed the need; a place called Homesake

Here is a list of décor items #iCyunosureRecommends:

Candlestick with character: Candles and scents add ambience and personality to any room. Add a few candles in varying heights of candle sticks that have character create a story of sorts when lit. 

Artwork: The most creative way to up the style quotient of your home is to add some quality original artwork that excludes unique and personal choices in the form of paintings, cloth murals or statues. 

Eccentric Addon: Every space needs a special touch either in way of a peculiar piece of small furniture or an unconventional object or a pop of colour that serves an additional purpose works like magic. 

Metal Madness: With so much emphasis on wood in every house, embracing a metal item will feel exhilarating. Ideally an antique looking brass accessory that  becomes a conversation starter.

Textured Product: Any item that is made of texture that seems forced or artistically put together is a must-have. If it has more than one use, it is more than perfect. So go for an extra-large textured basket to thrown in newspapers and magazines, or a mirrored pot that serves as a vase. 

I have just got a fill of new décor items from Homesake, to alternate the look of my house from time-to-time. And with the awesome sale that they currently have, you should not miss out on checking them out and stock some amazing home décor and table–top products, like NOW.

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