Who Needs A Superhero? Not Me, I Have A Brother

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Who Needs A Superhero? Not Me, I Have A Brother

​​​​I am a brat and my brother an angel, so u can guess what happens regularly at home. One of the most memorable moments I share with him goes like ….

A few years ago after playing holi, we freshened up had our lunch and were then relaxing in the living room. My brother was off to sleep in a jiffy and kept snoring so loudly as he was very tired. Even though I was super tired, an idea just pooped in my head. I put on some real horrid make up on my bro’s face and painted both his finger and toe nails with a nice bright pink color. Then a genius idea struck and I painted the soap with a clear nail paint too….

When he woke up he was furious and rushed to wash his face….he kept rubbing the soap like crazy, but to no avail! He was totally zapped. Finally he gave up and used shampoo to wash his face and then rushed off to have dinner with his girlfriend.

When he met her she laughed and teased him as he had not removed the nail paint I had put on his nails. When he returned home that evening, he wasn't furious as I expected him to be. However in fact he was happy, cheerful and in a gorgeous mood. He said that he had the most fabulous time with his friends over dinner, laughing their guts out. They cracked up so much after a very long time and for that he was thankful to me and my little prank. 

Apart from the numerous things that my brother taught me every day of our lives, the one important thing I learnt from him that day was .... AN ABILITY TO LAUGH AT ONESELF. My brother is a Role Model who has the willingness and the acceptance to see things both ways and share a laugh even if it is at his own expense, #MySiblingRocks.

As the gorgeous festival of Raksha Bandhan nears, I am going to try my hand in the kitchen and make him his favorite Indian Dessert, the gulab jamun and get him some gorgeous gifts from an Indian Gift Portal to celebrate our bond. 

Thank you my hero, for being by my side, always!
~ Heena

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  1. What a content written about brother and sister.