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Are you a budding fashion designer or a freelancer who creates magic with clothes? Are you looking to set shop, but don’t know where to start. Or more importantly, you don’t have the budget to retail in a mall shop.
Open Your Online Store With

Everyone dreams to see their names on the façade of a beautiful showroom, and I am sure even you would, but you want to begin slow and steady. Take one step at a time and grow in a systematic manner. A professional individual who wants to expand to more than what a small business would give them can do so by going online. The internet opens up the world for every talented artisan within seconds taking them to each and every corner of the world. However it is essential to partner with an online business that has a reputation, reach and above all the commitment to take the service to the next level; a partner like ezebee. is an online marketplace that offers a credible space to showcase your products and promote your business to the audience beyond your home country… anywhere from India to the rest of the world. As a member, you could use any two distinct services, either to sell via or buy from the online shop. And it is completely free!

In order to buy products from, browse the different categories available under ‘Marketplace’. Apart from the overall classification of products, you can even streamline categories in a way that you can find products from a particular location, in a particular currency and of a particular type. For those immensely talented who are looking at selling online whether products or services, you can open your own free shop and set it as per your like. The best part of selling via is that the basic version is free to use and from there you can decide to either take the next step or continue as it is. Another interesting feature of the site is the EZB’s, which is the point system used to buy and sell products without using actual money and avoiding transaction fees.

Open Your Online Store With

As I browsed through the website, I was curious to see the entrepreneurial offerings from India and was amazed to see the product ranges. From handmade gifts perfect for Raksha Bandhan to fashion essentials that every person must have - to edible gorgeousness and much more were all available at the click of a button. With over hundreds of sellers in each category, the options are unlimited and the prices are so much more reasonable due to the direct seller-buyer link. It was quite nice to note that some brands that are available on numerous online shopping sites in India were priced much lower on, so all the more reason to be part of this online marketplace.

After spending nothing less than a few hours on the site, I’m thinking of starting my own store on and would love for you to come visit, leave feedback and maybe pick a product or two.

Go ezebee and sign up now, 
~ Heena

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