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Monday, August 10, 2015

Posted On August 10, 2015 by Team iCynosure.

Every parent has a personal and exclusive style of parenting; which has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Just a few days ago I specifically discussed 'Buddy Parenting' and how I built a great relationship with #PrincessHeer through mutual trust and camaraderie.

Pip Her Curiosity And Creativity With Constructive Parenting

Over the last few years I have realised how determined, fearless and creative she is and hence she is always the first one who wants to do something new, something different and something unique. She is by nature extremely curious with so much energy that it almost translates into inquisitiveness and curiosity. With a zillion questions asked every now and then, it has dawned on me that she has learnt the many things through the answers that have been given to those questions. So in a nutshell what I’ve learnt is that the answers we give are more important than the questions she has asked.

When I heard about #ColgateMagicalStories, I was rather pipped about whether #PrincessHeer would be interested in exploring the creative side of it or not. That’s when hubby said, the best way to know is to bring it on, and see what she does. Once we brought the Colgate Dental Cream pack and told her what’s inside, Heer's imagination ran wild about a magical castle, prince and princesses. As soon as she had a pack in her hand, she set out creating an entire universe with the help of her Daddy.

As I saw her work through the package with her dad, asking for even the minutest images on the package to be cut out, I knew ideas were being generated, developed and transformed into substance. Soon they were pasting cutouts on a neat platform when she sprang up and ran to her toy cart and pulled out some amazing things that only she could have imagined. Without any encouragement, she imagined and visualized her little castle universe in an entirely different way than what I had. Her little tit-bits of creativity impressed me to the 'T'. Here is her artwork.

Pip Her Curiosity And Creativity With Constructive Parenting
Pip Her Curiosity And Creativity With Constructive Parenting
Pip Her Curiosity And Creativity With Constructive Parenting

All I can really hope for is that she maintains a passionate curiosity throughout life and creatively add layers of her personality to them.

Dream to create,
~ Heena 


  1. The magical castle is so beautiful! I bet every kids will enjoy playing it!


  2. Superb tool for kids and your kid is cute!

  3. aww so adorable and he is so creative ah...great job kid!