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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Posted On August 11, 2015 by Team iCynosure.

The beauty of India is that no two corners are similar and that’s the exact impression you get when you walk into the gorgeous store in the heart of Mumbai. Baaya Design, founded by Shibani Jain an alumnus of NID, Ahmedabad is the Indian weaver bird’s unique way in which it weaves its nest.

 Shop For Indian Art At Baaya Design

Baaya, where design meets tradition, offers a variety of choices that gives you an option of doing up the different parts of your house in different styles. Shibani with over 15 years in the Indian crafts industry has set her heart to conserve traditional artisan skills through innovative design inputs. 

The retail store cum studio offers an unmatched range of paintings, artefacts and furniture based on design and use from all across the country. It was at a bloggers meet that I got to experience art so closely especially at a ‘Ladies Special’ event. A treat for sore eyes the store is all you need for that artistic blend to that redefines the beauty of the modern day interiors. Here I'm going to leave you with the pictorial story of the store to please your eyes until you find the moment to get to the store yourself and learn all that Baaya has to offer.

 Shop For Indian Art At Baaya Design
 Shop For Indian Art At Baaya Design
 Shop For Indian Art At Baaya Design
 Shop For Indian Art At Baaya Design

So does this make you want to head to the store this minute?

Go on, 
~ Heena


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