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Monday, August 31, 2015

Posted On August 31, 2015 by Team iCynosure.

Every few days I get a few requests to share my make-up ritual because many readers want to achieve the natural look that I manage with my make-up. But the catch here is I do not use a lot of make-up I use a lot of skincare. Years ago I was extremely choosy about my skincare routine and the products that I ended up using only very expensive products until I chanced upon some fabulous Korean products. And since then most of my skincare products are from Korea, those that I simply love to use time and again for its natural ingredients and outcome.

Set Your Skincare Regime With Korean Skin Care Brand SKIN18

Surfing around led me to a gorgeous Hong Kong based site called SKIN18  that believes in skincare instead of makeup. SKIN18 boasts of skincare products that feed natural ingredients and nutrition to your skin to ensure you look 18 forever. And the first step to achieve that perfect Miss18 skin is to start your skincare as early as possible; however it’s never too late to begin skincare. 

SKIN18 has a range of skincare products from lotions, masks, creams, serums, ampoules and suncare apart from the routine face washes, toners, moisturizers and mists. The brand also has a hint of make-up products by way of BB and CC creams. These amazing products help you achieve a #nofilter look, this time and every time you look in your phone. 

Set Your Skincare Regime With Korean Skin Care Brand SKIN18

One of the most important skincare regimes I follow religiously are face masks, be it clay, cream or gel masks or natural and herbal masks to peel-off and sheet. I alternate masks on a regular basis and one thing that amazed me was the amazing variety of masks on SKIN18. They do have some great options in eye masks, facial masks, sleeping masks and above all some remarkable sheet masks. 

Immediately I got working and tried the 3 Step Horse Oil-Complex Intensive Care Mask that first enables facial foaming and soft peeling, followed by the sheet mask and finally cream in the water drop white therapy night cream. And in less than an hour I achieved a clearer facial skin tone with more radiance and elasticity. I cannot wait to try the other products and keep you informed about how they are. 

Once you do that, go ahead and request for some sample sheets by paying just the shipping charges to know all that I’m talking about here. And after you do that, come and thank me here. 

Until next time,
~ Heena


  1. Lovely post, have a beautiful week! <3

  2. I love korean skin care.. Can't view your photo.. dunno why..


  3. I have tried few Korean products and they are really good. I think there is some issue with your picture, i can't see them.

  4. korean products are the best! but i really am quite lazy sometimes :p