Is Alkaline Water Good For Health?

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Is Alkaline Water Good For Health?

One of the five most important elements in the universe is water and so is the case with the human body. Almost 70% of the human body is made of water and it is very crucial to maintain that balance. 

Thus time and again experts have emphasised the importance of drinking a certain amount of water daily. So how much water must a common man drink every day? Backed by a lot of research, health reports emphasis drinking 2.5 to 3 litres of water to maintain a healthy body, keep energy levels all throughout the day, have mental clarity and ensure vitality. 

It has been observed that even a 5% drop in body fluid results in a massive decrease in the quality of life. Dehydration causes a large number of complications and thus to re-energise we must replace dehydration with rehydration. However it is just not enough to rehydrate your body, but it is equally important to rehydrate with the right type of water which is clean, filtered and above all Alkaline. 

Not only you but even I would ask what the real difference between normal and alkaline water is. I would argue that the body will naturally work towards obtaining what it needs and get it from whatever is supplemented to it. But that is not true. Forget about discussing the negative effects of acidic water and lets concentrate on discussing the positives of Alkaline water. 

. Alkaline water has a much higher PH which helps the body neutralize acidic waste which is harmful for
  the human body. 
. Alkaline water has an abundance of negatively charged hydroxyl icons called Oxidation Reduction       
  Potential (ORP) which actively seek out and neutralise cancer causing radicals. 
. Last but not the least Alkaline water is micro-clustered into groups of 4 to 6 H2O molecules instead of 
  the regular 12 to 16 molecules per cluster. 
Is Alkaline Water Good For Health?

So how do you get Alkaline water? There are numerous ways to make water alkaline.... from alkaline sticks to household items like limes or lemons or adding PH drops or minerals. These options would definitely make water alkaline however they would not remove the impurities and pollutants from the water that I would consume.

One of the most effective methods of making water alkaline is using a Water Ionizer. A simple home appliance that produces alkaline water through the process of ionization is the Hydro-Jal Plus Alkaline Water Ionizer that is the most advanced, compact, stylish and affordable alkaline water ionizer that fulfils the global health standards. Once installed it offers water that can benefit my body: 

~ Slows down the aging process and assists in weight loss
~ Removes the impurities, pollutants and toxins from the body
~ Improves mental health and concentration
~ Boosts energy, provides stamina and encourages sound sleep
~ Improves the immune strength, digestion and body metabolism

There are loads more. But do you still need additional reasons to incorporate alkaline water in your daily routine? I don’t think so. Do call the guys and check the acidic/alkaline levels of your drinking water by requesting a free demo and then take a call. 

Invest in your health, like I am, 
~ Heena

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