Tips To Accessorise Your Evening Dress

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Every year new trends find their way into the fashion sector and fashionistas rush to inculcate these into their wardrobe. Sometimes with the rapid changes in fashion, women find it difficult to keep up with these changes. However, changing your taste as per the changing trends can surely pinch your pocket and create a dent in your bank accounts. So when you are shopping for evening wear, invest in evening dresses that are timeless pieces that you can wear multiple times.

Tips To Accessorise Your Evening Dress

The catch here is to get simple yet solid colours and straightforward designs that are easy to mix and match. Some quintessential evening dresses that will never go out of style are: 
  • A V-neck maxi dress in basic colours that is very flattering yet stylish with a deep neckline that flatters all body shapes. 
  • A strapless heart-shaped or corset style cocktail dress in metallic or pastel colours depending on the skin tone. 
  • A single shoulder fitted dress that emphasizes the slender neck and petite shoulders that is very theatrical. 
  • A halter neck upper body-hugging tea length evening dresses that flatters most body shapes while highlighting the feet. 
  • A noodle strap dress that suits petite and delicate frames and looks fetching in prints and stripes. 
Tips To Accessorise Your Evening Dress

Picking the right evening dress is not enough alone. It is equally important that you accessorise it right as well. The thumb rule is not to have more than 4 colours going on at any point in time while dressing so as to look sophisticated and not like a rainbow. Here is a cheat sheet to accessorise the best you can.

Tips To Accessorise Your Evening Dress
  • Make a statement with just one accessory. If you plan to wear chandelier earrings, keep the neck free. If you opt for a cocktail ring, keep the neck-piece and earring simple.  
  • When confused go for the classic combination of studs, chain necklace and a simple bracelet.
  • Do not accessorise a heavily embellished dress with any jewellery, go for a delicate purse. 
  • Pick a gown keeping the jewellery and heels you have in mind.
Do you agree? Did I miss any tips? Leave me your thoughts.
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