Breaking The Myth – Hiring Professional Interior Designers Is Expensive!

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Last year when we were planning on redoing our home it was such a tough task. We were so very confused about each detail that we choose options with the old age inky-pinky-ponky rhyme. We soon realised that if we continued with this stupidity we would make a mess of what was supposed to be our dream home.

Hiring Professional Interior Designers from Floorspace

Finally we decided and spoke to our parents about bringing in an interior designer, but we were shooed away. Their argument; we were educated enough to do it ourselves. There was no point in paying huge amounts to the interior decorator who not only charges a fee but also a percentage of the purchase bill amounts. Educated we are but not experts. We had no idea about design specifications, costing, timelines or man-power. 

Thus instead of taking the risk heads up we decided to wait it out until we found someone that had the expertise to hold our hands and walk us into a house that we wanted to build but couldn’t envisage the journey that would take us there. 

And then a few days ago we were introduced to Floorspace an exquisite, professional interior designing brand that makes your dreams a reality. The in-house experts understand your needs from classic to modern and bring in the contemporary individualistic glam-chic within the concept to give the design your personal touch. They offer interior design options that house you in a way that compliments your lifestyle. With hundreds of designs and pricing details available on their website, we could discover our budget without having to waste our time going from store to store.

Hiring Professional Interior Designers from Floorspace

Floorspace Interior Designs offer solutions for all your design needs via a new generation adaptive interior design concept which is very unique indeed! The platform offers pre-designed interiors that fit into living spaces of thousands of apartment and villa floor-plans thereby enabling you to save design costs. They also undertake niche and totally custom work incase your project is not yet a part of the Floorspace landscape or you need that complete need tailor-made solution. Be it modular wardrobes for your gorgeous bedrooms or a statement modular kitchen to suit your lifestyle as well as your available floor space.

While browsing through the numerous available designs I loved the fact that these modular components are available in various options to suit your budget, color combinations and materials. Not just the bigger picture, there is also a lot of flexibility in customizing each and every little aspect of the cabinets and shelves. 

Hiring Professional Interior Designers from Floorspace

4 easy steps and you can be on your way to start the interiors! You can begin with selecting something that you like on their website and discuss your design needs and choices with an expert without having to pay anything. With more clarity on your needs, the consultant provides you a pretty close estimate for your dream space. Depending on the budgets you can then go about redoing bits and pieces to suit your style and budget at the same time. Floorspace indeed is that bridge that takes you from your dreams and aspirations to an honest reality. 

So when you decide to take the home plunge, call out to Floorspace to hold your hand.

…and oh! The best part – Not only we got our dream home but that priceless pat on our back from our parents for we seem to have certainly broken their myth !

Untill then, 
~ Heena

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  1. Had engaged them few years back and found very professional