Honey, Lets Watch The Commercials First

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Honey, Lets Watch The Commercials First

Apparently when I was studying Advertising at St. Xaviers; my understanding was that commercials are information dissemination tools for brands. Boy I couldn't be more wrong! 

The world of commercials is a great space, however over time exploited by some serious dummies. Advertising has graduated from some outstanding brilliant moments to some tummy churning hysterical epics to some downtrodden disgusting pornography. 

Forgive yourself if you think I’m wrong or rude or obnoxious, because I forgive you.

When I was young and silly I presented my project for Brand Communication in college emphasizing on the positive and happy elements that advertisements bring to a common man. My thoughts behind the rationale then were the super sweet commercials which viewers could relate to? Remember the Cadbury Dairy Milk advert of a young woman running on a cricket field when her friend scores a century. I could so be that girl and I’m sure many guys can relate to the main lead in the commercial. The Hamara Bajaj campaign that was so Indian that eventually the song became close to an anthem.

Over the years very many commercials have hit the bulls eye and left a tear in the eye and a smile on the face of the viewer. The Daag Aache Hai campaign by Surf Excel changed the mindset of so many Indian moms, the Tanishq campaigns that instills a sense of pride in women. Adverts that tickle the funny bone also leave a great recall value like Fevicol and Xerox that have become synonyms of the product they promote. However some great minds think that bad adverts too leave a mark and thus conceptualize irritating campaigns like the one for naukri.com surrounding the tyrant boss Hari Sadu and the series of super stupid and dumb Havells cable adverts.

Then comes the concept of trickery, bullshitting about a product so much that even the known lie seems like the truth. In a way it is a genius, tricking people into buying a practically useless product. Wouldn’t it be so tough for the women to fall around if every man used the same deo or face wash that claims that all women will fall head over heels for you. Or the fairness cream that makes you the fairest of them all, why didn't Snow White's step mom use it instead of asking her mirror repeatedly? 

Of all I salute the con artists … superstars like Shahrukh Khan promoting men’s fairness cream to Saif Ali Khan ridiculously dancing his way to win a race wearing an undergarment to Priyanka Chopra’s mouth freshener ad to Deepika Padukone’s weight loss challenge to Yami Gautam's fairness challenge. Some creative liberties seem so lame. 

Unfortunately the thin line between creating brand awesomeness and brand recall is diminishing. Marketers are using the concept of brand recognition as they please following the rule of publicity…. Good or bad doesn’t matter; it is publicity. 

The ads that titillate for apparently no reason to begin with and then douse in cold ice water take the crown for well actually nothing.  But realistic they are…. first night commercials with the blushing bride and the can’t-wait-to-get-my-hands-on-you groom. These are perfectly thought out commercials, the only ones on the idiot box that you shall instantly identify with. Oh yes you would. Either you have been there or you definitely want to be there. Here are the gems from the treasure box..

Center Fresh Endless, brings in the classic first night for the bride and groom… Hey listen girl I am so concerned about my hair, oh wait I need some endless lasting mint flavored freshness to work my magic tonight. So wait baby… 

VGuard understands how long you’ve waited for your babe. So no waiting anymore, jump onto the wagon straight. But wait you jumped straight to the adoption center. But why? Watch to know how you could have full time power for non-stop happiness. 

Eurovision has some great vision into the first night of young couples, so they did send out a very important and an extremely sound warning to the new generation. Whether you want to follow it or not, definitely rewrite it so someone else may follow the heed.

Anyways if you have not erred as yet, stay calm and be careful; because if your furniture is not Kitply compatible then you get a really different first night gift. Don’t believe me? Watch!

And then two supercool brands Zatak Deo and IndianOil show us that if you make your bride wait too long there are dire consequences….. Check the TVS to know more. 

And if everything goes well everyone will ‘Know What You Did Tonight’ but it’s just that you didn’t do it. Or maybe you end up listening to the track ‘And I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that’ on your brand new Motorola mobile phone. 

OMG as I join in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda I realise Pepsi isn't far behind in exploiting the bride-groom equation. However they still haven't reached the first night stage, but have attacked the pheras with guess who? Tanmay Bhat! 

If you've managed to survive this far and think it's in you to #CrashThePepsiIPL, make your own Pepsi advert and if its impressive it could play on TV during the Pepsi IPL. And well, if your advert is one of the finalist you stand a chance to win prize money to the tune of One Lakh rupees. So what are you waiting for guys; shoot, edit, upload now.

And if you want to collaborate leave me a comment. 
~ Heena

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  1. Lol .. some of the ads are so lame these days.. I surely miss the old ones..and some of the ones you mentioned did gave me nostalgia

  2. yeah have to be extra careful on what we see as it can be all lies..

  3. Wow, there are so many for first night! I guess it does strike a chord with people. Good luck entering the contest!