Pick Between Smoothies & Slushes At The #CCDSummerSlam

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Summer is here and Café Coffee Day has launched its delectable menu of summertime refreshers. And to celebrate it they invited some awesome bloggers to come and sample the gorgeously refreshing line of Slushies and Smoothies. As I made way to the Bandra outlet I was full of enthusiasm to fight it out in the #CCDSummerSlam to find the best flavor of the launch. 

New Drinks Menu Launched At Cafe Coffee Day

Keeping in tune with the current IPL fever the drinks were categorized as each team in the current IPL season. As I was dressed in a creamy yellow shirt, they assigned me to Team Kolkata Rasmalai Smoothie. Likewise all bloggers were assigned to different teams to participate and play some fun activities. 

New Drinks Menu Launched At Cafe Coffee Day

We began with a blindfold tasting session where a few flavours were sampled in cute short glasses. First up were the Rasmalai Smoothie, Strawberry Blast Slush and Tropical Spice Slush. 

The Rasmalai Smoothie was a royal variation of the Indian sweet re-imagined with a divine creamy concoction in the almond flavor with bite size pieces of a rasmalai. It was heaven to taste. Next up was the Strawberry Blast Slush a perfectly blended combination of strawberries and pomegranates. And then was the Tropical Spice Slush infused with granita topped with jalapenos to leave a tangy taste in the mouth. It was fun to watch fellow blogger try out flavours blind-folded and their reactions to the taste and aromas. 

New Drinks Menu Launched At Cafe Coffee Day

Then there was teams fight between the Slushes and the Smoothies and guess what team smoothies won beautifully. Hitting the corresponding suspended in air mini-standees we hit bull’s eye each time and scored a gorgeous Café Coffee Day mug. 

The next set of samplers arrived and gave an amazing high to the taste buds with the fruity Strawberry Pom Smoothie and Mango Peach Smoothie, finally topping up with the Pink Lemonade that was loaded with the goodness of the pink grape fruit. Within the chaotic fun and mingling among the bloggers lunch was served in a variety of CCD sandwiches and pastries. Smoothies and Slushes were doled out in huge numbers according to the likes of every person present. A rainbow of hues was seen cooling down the highly charged atmosphere. 

New Drinks Menu Launched At Cafe Coffee Day

If there is one thing you must do during the rising temperatures in Mumbai, it is to visit the nearest Café Coffee Day outlet and enjoy a refreshing beverage to cool off. 

Signing off on a refreshed note,
~ Heena

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