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When we remodelled our home last year, it was a chaotic mess. We started with a stack of magazines, inspiration boards, referrals from friends, site visit of professionals, etc etc; I’m sure you get the idea. However with all the stress, over a year and half of planning, having a precise floor plan and 3D renditions our efforts failed to make it to our dream home. We realised that the big decisions were the easy ones to make but the smaller ones which seemed insignificant and those which were the more crucial ones were more difficult and needed some expert information and loads of research. For many home owners like us who aren’t experts in home decor and renovation these small yet crucial details seem such a mammoth tasks. One wrong decisions and the dream comes down like a pack of cards. 

Very few brands are aware of the gap between product and information and choose to bridge this gap not only for the benefit of the brand itself but also to ensures quality and comfort for the customer. One such brand is Pidilite Industries Limited that has just taken a really innovative initiative that brings insights that will help people make the transition from a Home to a ‘Happy Home’ by way of their #TheHappyHomesBlog. 

For the launch of the blog the brand left no stone unturned to bring the best of the industry to speak about various aspects of home-making. An eminent panel of experts including Dr. Alpa Dalal, Pulmonologist & Sleep Specialist, Mr. Omkar Thakur, Vastu Shastra Consultant, Mr. C.A.Ramesh Prabhu, Chairman of Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association and Ms. Shilpi Kakkar Madan, Contributing Editor Better Homes spoke about various aspects of making a home strong, beautiful and long-lasting and happy. 

The main aim of the blog is to invite industry experts and decision makers to contribute articles for the benefit of novice like us. Not only will there be tips and tricks in maintenance, waterproofing solutions, interior ideas, decor themes, and the latest trends but also resolutions to reader queries and solutions to renovation-related problems. They are currently inviting writers and bloggers to associate with #TheHappyHomes blog to build a platform for design and execution for a unique online community. 

Although still in very early days, The Happy Homes Blog promises to provide readers with the best experiences. Hope over to the blog and send them some valuable suggestions on what you would like to know about, things that may put redeveloping at a pause and how you would like to see them evolve in the near future. 

- Heena

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