Make A Statement With Your Furniture Ft. Asian Paints Woodtech Studio

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I love change, and this attitude doesn’t restrict to my wardrobe or my shoe-closet, it overflows into everything that I’m associated with. Thankfully on the professional level I’m in the creative field, else I be moving jobs before the HR could breathe a sign of relief. Jokes apart, I love the newness of change which makes the whole experience worth reliving. Up until now the one thing that remained untouched due to the high cost involving the change has been furniture. At best I could change the soft furnishing, rearranging it to make it look different or just playing a bit with the small decor items.

However it all changed with a simple walk down the road to the Asian Paints Signature Store in Bandra, Mumbai which doubles up as a Woodtech Studio. The studio works on the simple principle of looking to craft a new wooden furniture or renew the life of an old one by helping customers like me discover the magic of wood and explore the possibilities of finishes to enhance a piece to make it a #StatementFurniture to spruce up my place. So instead of throwing out the mundane, simple things with the help of Asian Paints Colour on Wood, I can refurbish the pieces and give them a new lease of life. 

While at the studio, I loved the manner in which Deepa, the woodtech expert took me through the transitional stages of implementing various concepts and ideas to create a space that I will fall in love with. There were also renditions of some of the more popular concept especially the ones curated by renowned fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee along with bollywood dive Deepika Padukone. 

From the various areas created within the store I loved this living area set up for its amazing vibrancy as well as the undeniable comfort. The #ColourStoreAsianPaints upped the whole look of the space in such a magnificent way that there was hardly a spot out of place. So if you want a fresh feel to your home or just want to jazz up a single piece of furniture you can now reach out to the experts who will not only guide you every step of the way or inspire you with concepts and ideas. 

- Heena

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