Let Your PreCared Things Live Another Life

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Towards the end of last year while clearing out my closet, I was faced with the problem of plenty. No doubt a lot of people face the same issue and some even love the exercise of additions to the wardrobe, but the subtraction is extremely difficult. But for me it was finally a do-or-die situation with so many products that I hadn’t even used a single time. Clothes, shoes, accessories, bags and much more simply sitting in the wardrobe eating into the much needed usage space. 

So finally this time, I ventured into the online world to ask my friends and followers if they face the same problem and if so what is the solution. Numerous ideas flooded through when an online portal PreCared suggested I look at their site to see if I’d like to make some money from the excess products I had. In a matter of a few minutes I signed up and listed the products classifying them as brand new and gently used. 

I was surprised when an executive from their team called me to fix a pick up time for the products for further inspection. Once the process was initiated; the pick-up, on-site inspection; off-site sanitation and offer listing on the website took less than a week. There were regular updates all throughout keeping me informed of the stage we are at and what will happen next via the registered communication mode. Once the dashboard was updated with the listed products, I was able to see the offer price as well as the selling price against each product. As a seller I was able to either approve for the product to be sold or recall it depending upon my expectation of prices. Luckily for me out of the 20 odd products I sent, I recalled only 3 of them and approved the rest. Apart from the regular email update the team is always available on online chat to resolve your queries and respond to your questions. 

When writing this piece about the portal, a few of my products have already been sold and quite a few are getting numerous views. I plan to let them be there for a few more weeks and check the sales progress. In case I don’t see a product not generating enough interest, I could request recall which will ensure that the product is sent back to me in 3 days. 

I really loved the entire concept of trading your unwanted things to make a quick buck. Additionally working with the brand has been hassle free along with knowing what’s happening at every stage is of the way convenient enough to recommend them. 

So dig into your closets, pile up the extras, register with the site and earn away. Thank me later. 

- Heena

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