Gujarati Fashion Borrowing From More Contemporary Styles

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Fashion trends are a big story, and the latest Gujarati news live tells us that traditional styles are being updated to include more contemporary touches. Divya Bhaskar is sharing the latest style news, which will allow ladies to indulge in updating their wardrobes so their clothing will be on-trend in the new year. 

Contemporary Changes to Traditional Dress Welcomed
Gujarati fashion has an elegant reputation to uphold since its textile industry is known for its rich history. It seems, however, that the industry is not immune to trends, and slowly but surely, they are being welcomed into the new designs we’ve been seeing as the latest fashions are revealed. 

Meticulously woven Patolas and Kutch crafts are staples in the Gujarati wardrobe, and Bandhani designs are becoming more common. The traditional fabrics are being jazzed up with double Ikats in bold, beautiful colours, as well as mirrors and more elaborate embroidery that add visual interest as well as sparkle to everyday clothing. 

Who Is Responsible For the Trend? 
Well-known fashion icon Sonam Kapoor is credited with starting the contemporary trend when she embarked on a promotional tour in Ahmedabad in 2015. She wore ensembles that were of a more modern cut, complete with colour blocks and mirrors, along with rich Bharat work. 

While every woman might not be able to duplicate Kapoor’s style exactly, there are many things she can do to emulate it, and add her own personal touches. 

Gujarati Women Can Embrace This New Style
Women looking to take a break from the traditional styles can accomplish that feat with a few simple additions to their wardrobes. 

Kutch-work jackets are a good place to start since they lean more towards traditional dress, but allow the wearer to make a statement. Fashion experts say these jackets can be paired with a simple long kurta, instantly making it appropriate for more formal occasions. Moreover, the jackets are tailored for the feminine shape, making them less menswear-inspired, and easier to wear. 

Don’t forget to keep shawls handy to ward off winter chills. Shawls over jackets are a huge trend and add an additional layer of colour and visual appeal whether they are worn on formal or more casual occasions. 

Clutch handbags are another easy style update. The bags should be big enough to tote all your essentials, but small enough so they are not difficult to carry. Many women choose multipurpose mobile phone cases that house your phone credit cards, cash and other small essentials in a small compartment. 

Mixing and matching patterns and colours is encouraged. Even if you are fine with traditional wardrobe staples, indulge in a few bold patterns and mix it up. India is well-known for its strongly saturated and boldly-patterned textiles. Almost every woman can pull off those patterns and should proudly do so whenever possible. 

Indulge in Patolas – they are no longer limited to just sarees, and not just for Bollywood stars or society’s elite. The patola is being redefined, and can be found as dupattas and even custom-made kurtas. 

The thing to remember is to celebrate your sense of style and feel good about yourself no matter where you go, and what you do. 

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