Boutique Hotels In Salt Lake City, Utah

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No travel dreams are complete without an extensive road trip in the USA. With numerous must-visit places, it becomes difficult on which states to pick and which to skip. However, the state of Utah should always make the cut as a reason to visit the Great Salt Lake City. 

Salt Lake City offers a fantastic winter wonderland as well as the opportunity to partake in some unique activities: ski down the mountain bowl, sample the local ethnic cuisine, guzzle beers at award-winning breweries and visit the Temple Square. In short, the city has everything you need.  

Here are a select few of Salt Lake City's top boutique hotels:

Hyatt Place

The Hyatt Place Gateway is perfect for every traveller because of its central location, amenities, and personalized packages. With the Hyatt Group guarantee on pricing, quality, and customer service, the Gateway downtown is a perfect location to relax, play, and explore. The boutique hotel is within walking distance of all major city attractions including the Salt Palace Convention Center, the City Creek, the Temple Square, the Gateway Mall, and the International Center.

Monaco Hotel

The Monaco Hotel is what you call staying in the lap of Mother Nature. Salt Lake City’s sassiest downtown hotel is touted as an urban playground among high peaks. The Monaco is placed in the epicentre of the tourist location, ensuring that travelling around the city becomes a child’s play with special convenient access to the Capitol Theater, Off Broadway Theater, and Salt Palace.

Royal Garden Inn

Staying at the Royal Garden Inn is like being transported into the Victorian era. Old-world charm is exuded through the wooden furnishings and quilted coverlets. Though it is upgraded to offer all modern facilities and amenities, this boutique hotel has maintained its former formats that takes one back in time. A definite win is the price, which is the most valuable for budget travellers who look more at being outdoors than indoors.

Peery Hotel

The Peery Hotel stands tall with a deep historical influence that dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Built by David and Joseph Peery in a prominent Prairie-style of classical revival motifs, the hotel was a one-stop destination for influential people in 1910. Recently the hotel was remodelled to suit the taste of modern-travellers keeping its historical essence intact. So if you are looking for a little bit of drama, head straight to the Peery. 

Anniversary Inn

The Anniversary Inn is for the forever romantics who want a total escape from everything and want a little adventure. With amazing stay options like the Hawaiian Hideaway, Jungle Safari, Mysteries of Egypt, Sultan’s Palace, and Biker Roadhouse suites, the experience is so much more enriching. There are some perfect honeymoon suites as well, including the English Countryside, Bridal Veil Falls, Venice, Romeo’s Retreat, and Juliet Suites. This will definitely impress your partner and enrich your experience. 

The city has varied stay options for whatever type of traveller you are, so get packing and head to explore this amazing city today. 

- Heena

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