Monsoon Fashion Trends

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Who doesn’t love the rains?
Who doesn’t love getting wet?
Who doesn’t love jumping in puddles?
We all do!
But are you concerned about what to wear this monsoon season?
The seasons are changing! Summertime has come and gone and now is the time for the rainy season to set in. It is the time for water showers, jumping in puddles, getting drenched in the rain and having fun. But we all know that with a change of seasons, means a change of wardrobe as well! 

So this monsoon join us in unveiling the top 5 fashion trends to rock this monsoon!

This will help you style-proof your wardrobe and clothing choices this rainy season so that whatever be the feature, your fashion sense and style doesn’t take a hit! This will help keep the fashionista in you alive and kicking!

We have drawn up a list of chic outfits and clothing choices that will brighten your mood and help you increase your glam quotient on a rainy day! These are the Fantastic Five of the fashion world right now. The rains may dampen everything, but they won’t be able to dampen your fashion spirit and your beauty! So, let’s get right to it!

Up first on this list are playsuits! This monsoon season, forget about the traditional dresses- it is time for something new and innovative! The playsuit effortlessly blends in practicality and swagger into an all-in-one dressing bonanza. From lovely laces to sassy sequins… these playsuits are an amazing addition to any girl’s wardrobe. Put these playsuits on now and hit the streets this monsoon with your friends! It’s a woman’s world after all! What makes these playsuits so beneficial are how they’re so beautifully crafted. Featuring a low v-neckline style front, an audacious waist-tie, lightweight flowing sleeves, and a silhouette that sways with the wind- this is a wonderful piece of clothing is a must-have in the monsoon. You can also complete your glamourous look with heeled sandals and a clutch!

This product can be priced anywhere in the price range of Rs 699 to Rs 2499. Depending on your taste and style, buy a jump from the online fashion web store Jabong. That is one amazing place to find incredibly dashing and hot playsuits. One wonderful brand for playsuits is Forever 21. Users can buy the Forever 21 White Embroidered Tie-up Back Playsuit from Myntra today at just Rs 1529! And hurry, because this product is on sale as well.
Next on the list of these crazy monsoon trends are Culottes. Culottes are the new fashion trend doing the rounds right now! And why not? They’re a fantastic and chic piece of clothing that makes the monsoons a lot more brighter and livelier for you and everyone looking at you as well.
This piece of clothing can make a wonderful addition to your clothing closet and can make you look lovely and radiant! Culottes are actually a very creative creation! They are a blender mix of a lot of different traditional women’s’ clothing. They are a fusion between women’s trousers, a skirt, palazzos and even pyjamas! That’s right! It can be described as a sort of knee-length trouser cut up to look like a skirt, with the looseness and freeness of a pyjama and a palazzo. You can even get these culottes with a matching top to look complimentary as well! A nice t-shirt, a casual overcoat, a simple top or a fashionable buttoned up shirt will go very well with this. Add a waist belt as well to this attire and you’re good to go! Be it casual or formal wear, you can’t go wrong with Culottes.

This subtly charming pair of bottom ware can be found between Rs 499 to Rs 1299. Ether is a very nice brand that makes top quality Culottes among other clothing options. A nice product for those looking to buy this item is the Beige Printed Culottes on the online web store Jabong, available only for Rs 1000 currently. Further, apply the given Jabong coupons to save additional Rs 150 on your order.

Monsoons can no doubt be really pretty, and one can have a lot of fun getting wet in the rains - but that’s only if it is planned. Walking around in the monsoon can be a very dirty and troublesome affair.
There are a lot of puddles, dirt, mud and other things that can make your clothes dirty. The splash back on your leg can leave your full-length pants stained with dirt. Getting caught unprepared in such a weather can be very problematic. Especially trudging around with wet pants. So, this rainy reason dress smartly by being prepared! Shorts are a very important aspect because not only can they very practical and efficient, but they are also don’t have the risk of getting any stains or dirt. It also enables you to be free and comfortable. A very nice and reputed brand of shorts is Alba! Been around for a number of years, their shorts are comfortable and stylish all the same! Users wishing to buy a new pair of shorts, we recommend you get the Alba Navy printed shorts

Shorts are usually found in a price range of Rs 500 to Rs 1000, and this pair is relatively cheap for its quality! Myntra, the online fashion web store is where you’ll find this pair, and many others should you choose to expand your closet and get your wardrobe monsoon ready! And they have their very own exclusive monsoon offers as well to make this purchase an even sweeter one for customers.

Flip Flops
Moving on to the footwear section now, and the first item is the most obvious one- Flip Flops! Flip Flops are the ultimate monsoon season essential! Buy a fashionable pair of chic slippers and get on the bandwagon of stylish women flaunting their amazing footwear. Flip flops can come in an assortment of styles, colours and designs. Some of the trendy and hip flip flops come with sparkling beads, colourful embellishments, printed or striped designs and many more different patterns, all to make people wish they “walked a mile in your shoes… or flip flops, should we say?” So now, don an equally trendy matching outfit along with a pair of dazzling flip flops and dress on point! The beauty of this footwear is the sheer match-ability of it! There is barely anything that someone cannot wear with flip flops. A pair of shorts, tracks, trousers, a shirt, a casual t-shirt… the list is endless. They all go very well with flip flops.
And what’s more? Not only can flip flops be cool and hip, they are also very efficient and convenient more than anything else, especially when the rain showers come. That is because it is so easy to slip on or take off, and the best part is that they dry up very quickly as well! In comparison, shoes and other forms of footwear take ages to dry.

Flip Flops can range anywhere between Rs 200 to Rs 999. But hurry, because stores like Flipkart have sales with a discount rate up to Rs 50 percent off! Our recommendation for a nice pair of flip flops are the Adidas Aril Attack 2017 MS Slippers for their lightness, firm grip even on wet ground and their stylish look that will make you seem like a poolside model! 

Wellington Boots
Last on the list of trendy chic fashion wear is another pair of footwear. Wellington Boots are the Godfather of shoes, so to speak. They are big, they are grand, they are helpful and they are as stylish as can be! The best part about these Wellington boots are the fact that they are unisex! That’s right! These all in one Wellington boots can be worn by men and women alike. And the amazing aspect of it is, is that they can look dashing, so they are an efficient as well as a bold fashion statement. They are sort of like gum boots, but bigger in nature. These are very helpful especially during the rainy season! The secret behind them being so highly convenient during the monsoons, is hidden in the technique of how they’re made. These are crafted with the specific aim of being waterproof even in the heaviest of rain showers or the deepest of puddles, and hence they are large enough to come up till a person’s knees. Moreover, these wellington boots are usually made of either rubber or plastic, since they are materials which do not water in. The length of the boots coupled with their material is what makes it such a big asset. The fashion quotient of it is just a bonus to users!

Wellington Boots on average can be ordered for an amount of anywhere between Rs 999 to Rs 2999. A very reputable brand for buying these rain shoes is Abbey Dale. Users wishing to buy a pair of Wellington boots for this monsoon season can order the amazing Willy Winkies Wellington Boots at just Rs 1999!

So now, this monsoon season get any of these amazing trendy fashion items and boost your confidence as well as the fashionista in you! Let the rains pour down, because with these fabulous products, you’ll be the trendiest person in the room. 

The best part about the products listed above is that they are not just very chic. They are also equally comfortable as they are useful! Some other very nice and helpful products users can don this monsoon season are wind sheeters, jackets, gum boots, a colourful umbrella or even some trendy poppy jackets! Add these to your arsenal of clothes and indulge in the trends of the season. Once you get these, nothing can “dampen” your style!

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