5 Reasons Why Bangalore Is Awesome and You Should Visit It

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Bangalore is a metropolis where over sixty percent of migrants intermingle with the locals to turn it into one of the best cities in India. Bangalore carries a friendly and upbeat vibe about it, and it is one of the most visited places in the country.

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India is famed for more than just being the IT hub of India. From the amalgamation of diverse cultures to the weather and the safety of women, it brings the best out of everything we know in India. If you have never been to Bangalore, we suggest that you certainly do. In fact, travelling to Bangalore is quite cheap if you know where to look for hotels, flight tickets and such. For instance, if you were coming from Mumbai to Bangalore for a weekend getaway, you must book flights in advance. Travel portals like Yatra offer the best deals on Mumbai to Bangalore flight tickets at lowest fare, so rest assured you will live every second of your journey without overspending. The culture of Bangalore is quite distinct, and every urbanite loves it. 

Here are 5 Reasons why Bangalore is awesome:

Bangalore is snuggled at an elevation of 3,000 ft. above the sea level on the Deccan Plateau. It is even higher than Dehradun in Uttarakhand! The metropolis witnesses a consistent climate throughout the year, and is loved by both locals and tourists alike. With a moderate temperature throughout the year, which is generally on the cooler side, Bangalore is known for its comfy weather. It is perhaps the best metropolis when it comes to weather!

Bangalore is also known as ‘The Garden City of India,' and hence, why Greenery was rated at number second. It is rich in foliage, and every bit of the city is bathed with trees and vegetation. Awe-inspiring gardens are dotted along the entire length and breadth of the city. Bangalore also has many nationally recognized gardens like Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh which oversee a healthy influx of tourists. The Organic Terrace Gardens are quite popular in Bangalore and can be seen in most residential localities. The city also boasts more than 200 lakes, which is greater than any other metropolis in India.

Silicon Valley of India
After ‘The Garden City of India’ title, Bangalore is known for its software companies. The metropolis has over 212 registered software companies and is known as the Silicon Valley of India. Also, the Startup culture in India originated from Bangalore and is always adding to the economy of the country. Most professional software engineers and people in business visit Bangalore for thriving opportunities, business meetings or for a leisure time. 

Cosmopolitan Culture
If two titles are not enough, Bangalore is also known as the Unofficial Pub Capital of India. The city has the highest number of pubs in the entire continent. Since young'uns rule the city, it has a microbrewery dotted at every nook and corner. It is also known for its insane music culture, which is only preceded by Mumbai. The city is famed for hosting acts of music, art, drama, and film from around the world. With a list of never-ending entertainment options, Bangalore has a lively culture which is hard to match.

Women Safety
Bangalore is one of the safest metropolitans in the Country and has been consistently rated as the safest city for women. Rest assured, a woman can walk down in the narrow by-lanes, or travelling in a local bus at midnight without any fear. In addition to that, women in Bangalore are consistently taking part in unconventional jobs and are driving buses and taxis.

Bangalore is a city where most people come to realize their professional dreams. However, it is also famed for its tourist spots, history, and ancient monuments. This metropolis also acts as a junction to the southern part of India. It is a well-known fact that people drive a city, and every bit of it is true for Bangalore. Mumbaikars have a special affliction towards Bangalore, and they are one of the seen faces in Bangalore. If you are visiting from Mumbai, make sure you check out Mumbai to Bangalore flight tickets at lowest fare on travel portals like Yatra. Bangalore is where professionals, young’uns, elders and everyone else come together to make this city full of life. So, what are you waiting for? Book your flight tickets now, and enjoy Bangalore in its complete beauty!

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