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The diversity that we see is our country, can also be seen in the unique blend of home décor that is available in the Indian markets today. The Indian consumer today is extremely versatile and is on the look-out of products that are traditional yet modern, are showpieces yet useful, and are simple yet technically advanced. 

As a professional and a homemaker, as a mother and a wife, my passion lies in decorating my home keeping in mind the sensibilities of our culture, the privacy of my family and the safety of my child along with the utility, the quality, and the minor yet important features of a product. The majority of players in the Indian market are primarily restricted to traditional handicraft based home furnishing products or modern import oriented products. Deco Home, an extension of the brand Deco Window has identified the need of an urbanised generation and created a dynamic line of home décor products that resonate with the personal style and taste of the Indian consumer. The brand offers a huge range of home décor solutions that includes classic and modern profiles, where each piece is engineered for durability, functionality and aesthetics. The highlight of the brand is that it offers ‘Complete Solutions’ with endless possibilities to indulge in any design impulse.

This season the brand has diversified from window solutions to home solutions that will cater to every type of consumer. After browsing through the extensive range of products both existing lines and new launches, I’m bringing you five of my favourite products that are soon going to find space in my home.

Luxury Bedding Set
Deco Home gives your bedroom a makeover with their complete luxury bedroom sets. The 100% cotton product includes one king-size bedsheet, one duvet cover, two standard pillow covers, two cushion covers and one embroidered cushion cover. Just imagine that feeling when your room looks straight out of a movie set.

Designer Cushion Covers
An extension to design sensibilities used for the new range of curtains in paisley, arabesque, geometric and solid, the complementing cushion covers add spark, texture, and personality to space it will adorn.  Not only do these tiny elements of luxury add to the décor but also make you want to snuggle in the comfort of the space. 

Space Fill Seals
Gaps between the doors and windows are not only pretty annoying, but hazardous too, if you have a young child at home. I’ve had instances of when my daughter’s foot has been caught between these spaces and has taken a long time to heal. The innovative space seal from the brands’ Home Improvement range is perfect to fill these gaps and ensure privacy, safety and convenience.

Garden Torch Lights
Deco Windows’ staple outdoor accessory, the garden torch transforms your urban-modern space into a tropical paradise. A perfect way to add light to the balcony, garden, patio; the garden torch is light-weight, weather-proof and easy to assemble. With four different ways that the product can be set, it makes for an ideal gift option too. 

Automatic Curtain Track
With all aspects of lifestyle getting technologically advanced, Deco Windows’ state-of-the-art motorized curtains, makes life systematically simpler. The advanced technological innovation enables to open and close curtains through a remote, across your home without having to move around or manually change it. This is truly refined living.

Have you used any Deco Window or Deco Home products? Tell me in the comments below which of these is your favourite product. 

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- Heena

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