OPPO F3 Plus: Win The Selfie Rage

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It is a given in these digital times that your selfie game will be on point even if your makeup isn't. I've seen that whenever I'm headed, everyone is constantly taking selfies… individual or group. However, not many phones allow you the luxury of gorgeous selfies, but fret not! With OPPO F3 Plus you can up your game without much effort. Well known for its amazing phones OPPO India Mobiles have launched the OPPO F3 Plus with dual cameras, that’s perfect for clicking great selfies.

The stand out feature for the phone is two front cameras, a 16MP camera with the standard 80° wide angle for individual selfies and an 8MP camera with a 120° wide angle for group selfies. The built-in Smart Facial Recognition feature notifies the user to switch to the group selfie mode when it detects more than a couple of faces on the camera lens.

Apart from the front cameras the OPPO F3 Plus also has a 16MP outstanding rear camera which clicks high-quality pictures with fast focus even in low-light, ensures you get amazing pictures on the go. Some other highlights of the phone are its robust battery that gives you 2 hours on the phone for 5 minutes of charging and its expandable storage that gives you the bandwidth to keep all your data without having to delete any information. 

I used the OPPO F3 Plus on my summer getaway to Singapore, and just like every travel enthusiast I wanted beautiful, clear pictures of my trip to the Singa city. Being a person who isn’t that technology savvy, the OPPO F3 made my picture experience a sail through with its amazing camera configuration, battery endurance and the built-in features for editing. After having used it, my mobile review would definitely recommend this phone in the gorgeous gold and rose gold versions which are now available, and will never go out of fashion. The phone has definitely changed the way I function on an everyday basis, not ceasing to impress me each time I go click-click-click.

Isn't the colour contrast and sharpness similar to that of a DSLR? It absolutely is. 

So if you are thinking of getting a new smartphone, look no further than the OPPO F3 Plus. 

Until next time,
- Heena

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