Tips To Plan Your Child's Routine For The Summer Break

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The summer break has begun and the days of sleeping until late every morning and unlimited game time are here. Every kid waits for this time of the year, as he is least expected to study and is allowed to have unlimited fun time. However, if you don’t plan properly for your child's routine during the summer break, it can cause major effects on both, health and education. From scheduling a study plan to finish the holiday homework to organising a food schedule to provide a shield against the summer heat, you should do it all in good time. If you are still confused about how to go approach it, here are some fantastic tips that will help you plan your child's routine during the summer break and not let it go haywire.

Make a Diet Plan
One of the most important things to do especially during the holidays is to make a diet plan for your child. During the summer break, the erratic sleeping and waking schedule warrants a proper diet. It is the best time to introduce health juices using a cold press juicer and nutritious food items in their routines. The summer break is the right time to feed your child with healthy alternatives as of when in school you can never be sure of what food habits they follow. 

Mark the Dates
If you already have a lot of plans for the summer break, make sure to mark the dates on a calendar. This will ensure, you know exactly what is happening when and at what time so that you miss no study schedules or day outs that are planned for fun and learning. It is advisable that even if you know the schedules and the dates for trips, sporting activities, picnics, or any other activity, keeping an actual manual schedule will ensure you do not club too many things together that could be stressful for the child. 

Have a Plan
If you are planning to make this summer break a fruitful one for your child, ensure that you have everything pre-planned and organised as per the planned activities. When you are planning an activity, involve your child to take ideas about events and activities he is interested in and would like to pursue. Whether you are planning to enrol your child in a hobby class or in a specialised activity, do take his interest into account to make it a learning and enjoyable task. 

Make a Chart
Summer break can be really a difficult time academically and make your child study during this time is practically impossible, especially when all they want to really do is laze around, watch television, play games, and go on outings. Making a chart with daily expectations will ensure that both you and your child know what to expect from the day while giving him sufficient time to take breaks from planned activities and do whatever he wants to experiment with.

Have some Fun
As much as your child wants to have fun during the summer break, he will also want to spend quality time with you. The hectic school days and homework leave him with little or no time to plan anything with you. So during the holidays, plan activities that will involve you to enjoy this gifted time to make your child feel connected with you, make him secure and confident about your relationship and above all show him how much fun you can be too. 

While these are only a few, there are many other awesome ways through which you can easily make summer breaks a perfect blend of entertainment and education. 

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