Thursday, April 09, 2015

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Kutch is so mesmerising that every time I look at the #RannUtsav pictures I feel I’m still there. When I first penned my post 10 Things To Do During Rann Utsav in Kutch I wanted to go back and visit it all over again. Next year again maybe.  

I may change a few things along the way but I will still stay at Shilp Gram Kutch just outside the city of Bhuj. It has been the best lodging decision we made. With a small little colony of luxury cottages made of red mud, painted with the traditional white limestone amidst the barren land, the property is cosy and comfortable. 

After a couple of hectic days, a day spent at the Kalo Dungar and a day when we paid our respects at the Narayan-Koteshwar Temple we finally had a day with a relatively rested morning. As soon as we woke up the excitement to visit the White Desert took over. We had already obtained the permit the previous day and our next destination was the much applauded White Rann, after the Amitabh Bachhan’s campaign. 

As we reached Khavda we were surrounded by little children asking for money as we drove towards the #RannUtsav. The road is a single lane drive, well maintained and well patrolled. After about few kilometres it was romantic, picturesque and virtually impossible to write about. So I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 


#PrincessHeer just wasn't ready to leave. Finally, when her daddy promised to bring her back again the next day did she relent. 

I really wish we could have gone back again the next day. 

Until more #iCynosureTravels,
- Heena


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