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Yes I know, I have been cribbing about the Mumbai summers and how the heat is practically killing us; but today I’m taking you on a joyride to a water-theme park that is quickly gaining favor with both family and friends. As the temperatures began to rise we found a perfect getaway from the rustle-bustle of Mumbai in the lap of Khopoli on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway; Aquamagica. Based on the Mykonos theme of Greece, Aquamagica promises a day of twists and turns immersed in aqua fun.

As we set out, #PrincessHeer and me, we were looking forward to an exciting day ahead as mom joined us enroute. On arrival we were taken from Imagica to Aquamagica via bus and assisted to the changing rooms. Once we were ready to hit the park we were upgraded with express passes and taken through the rides that were suitable for my little one. No sooner did we march ahead we noticed how well kept the park was; spaced out individual slides, lifeguards and assistants at every slide and above all clean water. 

Princess was so excited that we headed straight towards the Pirate Bay which is perfect for everyone... the mature lot, the little ones and even the experimenting ones like us. The bay is full of mini-slides and toy characters that attract the children and a couple of less curved slides and tubes that make for a thrilling experience. 

Once Princess had her fill of the bay next up on the agenda was the lazy pool also known as the Floatsa. Once settled on the float the attendant takes you right into the start point from where you keep floating, doing just about nothing but soaking in the sun. There are water spurts at regular intervals that create an element of lazy fun to enjoy while snoozing your way through the large passage of clear mint colored water.  

As we approached the end of the floatsa, we decided to test our adrenaline rush in an open tube slide Splash that had loads of steep turns and bumps followed by the thrill machine Zip Zap Zoom. Mom and I raced down the slide together while an attendant took care of princess. Though we wanted to try the other pulsating and heart racing slides, we had to resign ourselves to the wave pool to calm a visibly upset Princess who wanted to go on the Zoom machine. Sea waves hit the body continuously so we just sat by the man-made shore to enjoy some ice-cream.

With over a dozen slides and pools to enjoy from, the water-park does have something for everyone. And if you are planning your day out to this magical part, here is the drill you need to know before you start planning your day out.. 

Entry Tickets:
Aged between 03-12
INR 750
Aged between 12-64
INR 950
Sr. Citizen
Aged 65 and above
INR 750
Express tickets are available at a higher rate that gives you a privilege to jump the queues and enjoy more of the rides.
Group Discounts can be availed by contacting the management via calling the customer care at +91 22 42130405 or emailing the team at
Special Student Rates are available as well.
11 am to 6 pm everyday unless otherwise specified on the website.
There are 4 restaurants within the park that serve varied cuisines. 
Jain Food is available in most of the restaurants.
Outside food is not allowed in the park; however infants and expecting mothers can carry some refreshments.
Only park approved clothing (swimwear) is allowed; if they think it is not appropriate they may deny entry. 
Clothing is available on purchase at the park's store. 
Towels are available on rent. 
Here is my analysis of the park at a single glance: 

Spaced out individual rides
Varied rides and slides, no 2 are similar
Lifeguards and attendants at every slide
Clean and Clear water

Limited food options
Distance from Mumbai

One thing that I sure want to mention in my experience at the park is about the people working there. From the very start of my day to the end every member of staff that I interacted with made sure I was made comfortable, my requests adhered to and my queries answered. Even after standing in the summer heat every single day, being asked the same question over and over again by visitors; a reply was always accompanied with a smile. It was like they were actually doing everything they could to make our experience more enjoyable and perfect. Their mannerism even when they had to say ‘no to a request’ was filled with regret making us feel more valued. 

And for one of the reasons of being in such a great hospitality I’m not done with the fun, I am going back soon to enjoy some of the thrilling rides that I missed out on and say thank you to a few people. If you want a chance to join me, then comment below why I should pick you to join me in my next Aquamagica adventure and you may just get lucky to hop into the bus with us. 

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Contest open to #Mumbai and #Pune readers until May 30th. 

Lets #SummerFun,
- Heena


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