Break The Shackles, #UseYourAnd

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Why is it always questioned what primary role does the woman play? Why do you need a label to introduce a woman? 

Because we have let the world play 'gender generalizations' with us. Assumptions based on gender, following a pattern are the main guilty parties here. While most generalisation and labels are untrue as each individual is different with varied emotions, interests and thoughts. 

Even then the gender generalisation begin the minute the baby is born and the gender is found. No sooner do you know it's a girl, you start picking out pink clothes or beautiful dolls or even decorate the nursery with butterflies and lillies. Why such a stereotype? Why not pick a great pair of blue pants or decorate the nursery with bats and toy trucks? 

If you keep yourself well-groomed and flaunt gorgeous dresses, if you want to get married and have babies, if you like to sew and knit, if you know to cook and clean, if you look after the house; then you are the "perfect woman". If you are non of these things, but are other things does it make you any less a woman? 

Say these aloud and let me know what you feel...

Women need not go to work. 
Women must learn to cook.
Women don't play sport. 
Women make terrible drivers. 
Women are not as strong as men.
Women should look after the home. 
Women are born to raise babies. 
Women are not good at math. 
Women watch dramatic television. 
Women are good at craft. 
Women cannot do physically strenuous jobs. 

Phew, what crap.  

At how many of those were you shaking your head in denial. Quite a few isnt it?

I wont say these are false labels, these are true. But not true to all women, and hence are restricting for a woman and does not define us. I invited a few friends and acquaintances and told them to #UseYourAnd and show the world different facets of their personality. They've come forward to break the shackles with Gillette. What about you?

Break The Shackles, #UseYourAnd
Break The Shackles, #UseYourAnd

And you? What are the facets of that remarkable woman? Share with us and we shall feature you with these amazing girls and ladies.

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  1. Congrats for the win!!.. the photos are really impressive... :)

  2. Great read! and congrats on winning the contest :)