Play Cupid Games This Valentine

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Play Close Up Cupid Games This Valentine


That’s one word that send shivers done the spine, that’s one word that leaves the mount high and dry, that’s one word that causes anxiety. But it is one thing that most people are familiar with… either you propose or you are proposed to. On which side are you completely depends upon who you are with. 

Traditionally proposing is the man’s department and being proposed to is the woman’s. However with all talk of feminism and equality in the 21st century, women are as vocal about their feelings as the men. No way am I referring that women should not take a lead and express their feelings, I am merely saying that the luxury of being proposed to has somewhere lost in the entire modernization. 

However as a woman myself, I would definitely ensure that the object of my affection reciprocates my feelings before going all out to proclaim my love for him, cause it would be extremely embarrassing to be turned down and more heart wrenching to nurse a broken heart. But again some may argue that it is always good to confess and be turned down than being silent and realizing it is too late. 

Since proposing to a man isn’t something that has been discussed freely, there is a basic low-down I will keep in mind while making the super romantic moment worth my while. So many ideas have filled my mind and I’m busy picking each of them for their pros and cons to arrive at one. 

~ A simple “Grow old along with me!” straight out of Robert Browning’s poem Rabbi Ben Ezra.
~ Or maybe get his personal favorite things and gift leave the hamper at his doorstep at night. 
~ Or take a picnic at the park and play games to confess your love keeping score with alphabets.
~ Or write a heartfelt love letter that is a unique proposition in the age of emails and SMSes. 
~ Or maybe a lovely "Will you marry me?" during a dinner date.

Phew all these seems so normal, done a zillion times and nothing like what I am. So I thought what I am? I am fun, I am crazy, I am a mystery. And I though Bingo. 

So what I plan to do is create a Cupid Game this valentine, a jigsaw puzzle – a mystery maze. 

Leaving clues all around the house, which are parts of a jigsaw puzzle that needs to be put together. When he finds all the clues, the picture will reveal an amazing photograph of ours with the central piece missing. As he will try to look for the missing piece, I shall get a piece from my treasure chest and put it in place revealing the magical words, “Marry Me Please, Be Mine Always, I Love You To The Moon And Back”.

What do you think? Does it work?
~ Heena

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