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Friday, January 16, 2015

Posted On January 16, 2015 by Team iCynosure.

Leave The OR, Welcome The AND

Ever since they knew I was coming,
They were simply left wondering.
What will it be; a Girl OR a Boy?
They kept constantly questioning!

When I arrived a few days before I was due,
They brought presents both pink and blue.
Picking me up to cuddle me tight a little,
They guessed noisy OR quiet with a whistle.

It was so much confusion, such a dilemma,
All I wanted to do was hide behind my momma.
They kept adding a question OR a comma,
So I decided to end all the unnecessary drama.

Soon I was growing up as much unconditional,
But they insisted I'd either be modern OR traditional.
So I wore a pair of shorts and recited the holy verses,
I’m both Modern AND Traditional, yes of course. 

I headed to school with a tennis racquet, 
They put me in the Studious OR Sporty bracket.
I merited a student scholarship to fund my game,
Oh yes I’m Studious AND Sporty, not just a lame.

As I continued to pursue degree after degree, 
I’d be a teacher OR a recruiter, they all agree.
Surprise was in store, but they had their own version,
I was a Media Specialist AND a Company Spokesperson!
The moment I explored my personal relationships,
Those pesky neighbours never understood my friendships. 
They proclaimed I’d be either a coy OR a stylish bride, 
As I stepped out, Gorgeous AND Trendy they cheered with pride.

With the change in a full calendar oh almost a decade, 
They insisted it’s time for the Dhedhi family upgrade. 
Choose being a Professional OR a Mother; they said,
I became a Freelancer AND a Mother using my head. 

All through MY very own life,
They kept throwing the OR’s so rife. 
I struggled day in and day out, 
One day all I wanted to do was shout. 

But what’s the sense in explaining to these people, 
Who give you an OR label to reach the top of the steeple?
After a point the entire task gets a bit more than daunted, 
Just #UseYourAnd to be what you always wanted.

Leave The OR, Welcome The AND


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