No Fikar, Chat Quikr

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Quikr Launched Chat Application

Bought something you liked but cannot use it anymore? Have something lying in the house that needs to get disposed but the raddiwalla isn't giving you what it’s worth. Want that discontinued product but cannot find it anywhere. Need that product but first would like to try the used version to be sure.

Does any of these sound familiar? 

With everything online, it was high time that the medium was exploited for non-professional, household buying and selling opportunities. So some genius thought about it and now we have amazing websites like which act as a link between buyers and sellers to buy or sell products. These days, Quikr is getting more and more a convenient option for buyers and sellers to make simple, smart and safe transactions. 

With such facilities come the age-old drama and anxiety of sharing information with numerous strangers, discussing with them about the products and negotiating the prices. Sometimes we are comfortable and sometimes we are not. At times you cannot immediately reply to prospective buyers or sellers or send over the required information; thus losing the opportunity. 

Thus to further enhance the experience and making it a little more streamlined and stress-free, the folks at Quikr have gone one step ahead to develop Quikr NXT. A Chat application over a Phone Call that allows users to chat with each other; ensuring privacy, convenience and understanding. 

Whichever side you are on, you may need to interact with multiple individuals to facilitate a transaction. If you are selling, you have to interact with multiple buyers and if you are buying you have to interact with multiple sellers. Would you really be comfortable with sharing your phone number or your email address to exchange necessary information. Yes I thought so, No! Hence the Quikr NXT app is most apt to keep your privacy while interacting with numerous individuals. 

Receive calls or making calls every few minutes to get or give more information on the product? Yes that’s the case when you are trying to transact for a previously owned product. So instead of running around every minute of the day, Quikr NXT allows you to interact at your convenience. Whether sharing information or images about the product or pictures or even negotiating, do it when you have the time and your full attention. Also your conversations will be saved so the information is there for you to see whenever you need to. 

Not sure how the product looks from the other end, how much is the person charging? Especially if you are buying, you do interact with numerous sellers and then you are all confused about which product is from whom for how much etc etc. Also if you are selling, you may not remember how much you negotiated with a particular buyer. And thus in all the confusion, there could be misunderstandings and finally a no-transaction. So the Quikr NXT is a blessing as it will allow a foolproof platform in knowing exactly what you are getting out of the transaction.

So worry not, No Fikar, Chat Quikr. 
~ Heena

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