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Most girls want to go short for their prom nights as these dresses are extremely popular due to the fact that they are casually reusable for events and parties. However the new trend that’s catching up is those of Ball Gown Prom Dresses and Long Prom Dresses. 

Lengthy Prom Dresses are classier and elegant, thus finding a favor not only with parents but also with elders and friends. The problem of revealing too much on a really important evening brings in a lot of unwanted attention. As compared to Short Prom Dresses, the Long Prom Dresses are usually looked at with aura and glamour.

However not all Long Prom Gowns are boring. Long Prom Dress is the undisputed queen outfit that is not only commanding attention but also is sensual and telling. Take your pick from a Princess Cut, Mermaid, Single Shoulder, Off-Shoulder, Halter Neck, High Slit, Strapless, Baby Doll, etc. to highlight your best feature. 

As soon as you agree on the style, do an intense search on Dresseshop and you will definitely see your dream prom dress there. Some of the ones that I’m completely in love with are all there not only in varied cuts, but also colours, textures and fits. 

Shop For Long Prom Dress From DressEshop
Strapless Long Prom Dress
A princess cut strapless dress is an unofficially perfect yet a conventional dress that not only hides but also shows the beautiful you. One must understand that an attractive and stylish dress need not make you look bare and naked and that’s exactly what a strapless dress ensures. The style tip for a Strapless Dress is to opt for an embellished bustier. 

Shop For Long Prom Dress From DressEshop
One Shoulder Long Prom Dress
No one will overlook a beautiful single shoulder long dress. A single strap artistically placed can take you from ordinary to spectacular within seconds. Simple noodle strap or a cross shoulder strap or a simple bodice strap defines personality and youthful flamboyance. The style tip for a Single Shoulder Dress is to opt for an A-Line dress.

Shop For Long Prom Dress From DressEshop
Mermaid Long Prom Dress
There is definitely nothing fishy about this one. A mermaid dress will make you feel exotic and unique. The style tip for this one is to make sure either there is something going on, on the top half of the dress or the bottom half. Do not try to get a dress that has definition all over as it will look tacky and loud.

Shop For Long Prom Dress From DressEshop
Corset Long Prom Dress
Feel like Cindrella? Pick a gorgeous corset dress either in a strapless number or a single strap. The back will make your feel gorgeous and make you look sexy and super stylish. However, make sure that the strings are merely an object of definition and not really holding your dress together, as you want to dance the night away without fear of loosening. The style tip for a Corset Dress is a ‘no-accessories’ look.  

Shop For Long Prom Dress From DressEshop
High Slit Long Prom Dress
Can pull off an Angelina Jolie look? Then this one is just for you. Let the world see those fabulous legs in a beautiful high slit long dress. The style tip for this one is to ensure that the dress is as simple as possible and keep the accessories to a minimum so that your leg can do all the talking. 

Shop For Long Prom Dress From DressEshop
Halter Neck Long Prom Dress
Willing to bare your back? Then try a halter neck long prom dress. Not only does it define your body shape but also distinguishes between the top and lower body very effectively. The style tip for a Halter Neck Dress is to go for a dual look that clearly separates the parts with either different colours or patterns. 

So prom or not, are you a long dress person? 
~ Heena

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