Graphic And Statement Tees, Now In My Wardrobe

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T-shirts T-shirts are back in business in a big way. 

Graphic and Statement tees these days are not merely meant as a style statement but also the statement is a reflection of the wearer’s attitude. There is a huge option in the category from rebellious ones, to cutie romantic tees to out-right offensive one-liner graphic tees. What you choose to flaunt completely depends upon your mood for the day along with where you’re headed to. 

Get a mix variation in your wardrobe. Classic black tees with boldly printed fashion proverbs or super cool statements are the season’s must-haves. Get an odd colour with a statement that you can flaunt anytime and every time, whatever mood you are in to lift up your spirits. Team these simple designs with classic jeans or team them with a flowy skirt or layer them with spring maxis. 

Graphic or not, announce your affiliation to the world. 

Go cheeky with an 'I Don’t Date Muggles' tee from the Harry Potter series or set your rules with Dexter’s 'Follow The Code' tee. Proclaim your love for everything sweet and cute with a ‘Hello Kitty’ or the ‘Buntee’ tees. However for me tees are no longer just a layering option, but a simple means to casual and dressy combined together. Most SS14 collections that I've been drawn towards have been classy tees that connect me to my favorite movies.

I picked some very neat pieces from GreenRockStore before heading to my winter vacation and they arrived in a couple of days. I loved the fact that the material was super soft, the colours were fast and most importantly the pieces were ‘Made In India’ in tune with our PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Make In India’ campaign to promote Indian manufacturing.

Here is what I got…. Stay tuned for the look posts coming up next week.

Add Graphic And Statement Tees To Your Wardrobe

Since graphic and statement tees are more about attitude, they be they can become great conversation starters between like-minded people and maybe forge great friendships.

So take a pick from GreenRockStore’s amazing collection of t-shirts, hoodies, laptop skins, mugs and posters. And if you have something very specific in mind email them and they shall customize it for you. 

Happy Teeing!
~ Heena

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