Guess Who's Calling Featuring Asus Zenfone

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Every time my mom calls me, I remember the Sonam Kapoor- Fawad Khan song ‘Maa Ka Fone Aya’ because my ‘maa’ always calls me all the time, more so at all the wrong times. And yes it doesn’t stop at that, when she calls she wants to know everything from where I am, to what I’m doing, to what I’m eating to who I’m with.

Asus Zenfone Mobile Review

The questions never end and the answers never begin. But everyone around for sure knows what’s happening because an array of expressions run through my face in a few seconds. It’s like super play on my mom’s end and dead pause on my end. 

Pause as much I want but hell-be-damned if the phone goes unanswered or not reachable. So what I really need when I’m on the go? A trustworthy companion who will ensure that I’m always reachable, I’m always available and I never disappear halfway through the call; sounds familiar isn’t it?

So here's channelling my inner Miss Kapoor when I see my mom calling, using #MyAsusZenfone5.

Asus Zenfone Mobile Review
Oh it's mom calling!
Asus Zenfone Mobile Review
Should I answer or not?
Asus Zenfone Mobile Review
I better, or I'll be caught with the Asus Zenfone 5
Asus Zenfone Mobile Review
Answering now! Hi Momma!

Then ditch every phone you have in the world and head straight for the Asus Zenfone 5. Powered by a dual-core Intel Atom Z2560 the phone runs on the updated version of Android that gives it a refreshed and stylish look. The battery is a robust medium that took me through a good 8 hours uninterrupted. 

One of the best features of the Asus Zenfone 5 is its call quality which is spectacular. You cannot pretend to have unheard mom’s questions thus having to answer each query. The microphone delivers clear voice quality all through the conversation with precise background sounds as well. Guess you cannot lie to mom anymore about your where-about. Last but not the least there are no call drops and the software is built well to connect to the network easily. So you cannot argue with your mom that there was no network or that you cannot hear her clearly or suddenly disconnect reasoning call-drop.

Asus Zenfone Mobile Review

All in all the Asus Zenfone 5 is a great phone for the price it has been offered at. It does score well on numerous fronts including battery-life, display and performance. Now all I really need to do is go online and download an apt ring-tone.

"Maa Ka Fone Aaya, Baat Baat Pe Aaya Jab Bhi, Na Chaha To Aur Bhi Aaya, Teri Maa Ka Fone, Meri Maa Ka Fone, Sab Ki Maa Ka."

Oh gosh, my mom's calling, bye!
~ Heena

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  1. Lovely post - glad you get so much battery.

  2. lol.. it was fun reading your post .haha ‘Maa Ka Fone Aya...
    thanks for sharing the details!

  3. Your post made me giggle..
    I think mum's have a way of sensing when not to call...
    Thanks for sharing!
    Pixee xx

  4. seems intersting enough for me to consider it.. and its white.. who doesnt like a white phone.. I'll do a bit of research.. Thanks for introducing me to a new brand xx

  5. LOL!! Love the story about your mom! I've never heard of this phone before but it sounds like a great phone. I also love the look of it.