Happiness Is In The Small Things

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How I Find Happiness Is In The Small Things

We humans don’t realise that it is so simple to be happy… our happiness quotient is in our very own hands. But we look in the wrong places and miss all the happiness that comes to hug us with open arms. I sometimes feel so elated being happy with the little things that I experience, that I share it everywhere.

So here is what makes me happy, little things that boost my mood. I know the meaning and avenues of happiness differ to people, but maybe just maybe we find that one common thing that makes you and me happy at the same time and makes our inner sunshine shine on us.

  • I love to doodle though I hardly get the time now; but whenever I do I feel very happy. 
  • I love my princess and I feel happy whenever I look at her, whenever I hold her, whenever I cuddle her. In short everything about my #PrincessHeer makes me happy. 
  • I love it when my husband surprises me with grand gestures. More than the gestures, the thought behind the surprise the efforts and the love makes me happy. 
  • I love it when I receive personalised gifts. Just a tiny little thought that makes the regular into the unique makes me happy. 
  • I love to express myself through my writings and when I’m appreciated for my writings by people whose work I admire, it makes me happy. 
  • I love to express my emotions through my poetry and when I pen down something that I want to read time and again, I feel happy.
  • I love to work with a diverse group of people and when we create magic together, I feel happy. 
  • I love my life, everything that has happened to it and most importantly the man who has made all the difference. Every moment I get to spend with him makes me happy. 
  • I love cricket and cannot resist when the game is on whichever team is playing. However when Indian wins it makes me happy. 
  • I love it when my little one bring out qualities in me that I never thought I possessed. Her little teachings help me be a better person and that makes me happy. 
  • I love the nomadic life, moving from place to place; exploring the local life and living the life of my dreams. Every opportunity I get to travel makes me happy. 
  • I love the fact that I’m a woman, I love the fact that I like to dress up and I love the fact that my pictures are good. So when a brand approaches me to part of their campaign and pampers me it makes me happy. 
  • I love the outdoors, the greens and the breeze in my hair. Whenever my hectic schedule offers an opportunity as such I grab it with both hands to make myself happy. 
I'm going to stop now because no. 13 makes me happy too. Yes, #IAmHappy !

What makes you happy? 
~ Heena

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