A Summer Essentials Fashion Guide

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I love the summers, because it’s the season of fun, frills and outings, it’s a season to experiment. Summer has arrived and so it’s the perfect opportunity to spice your wardrobe. Here is my summer guide to the ten essential fashion items you need this summer.
A Summer Essentials Fashion Guide
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Shorts are my best friends during summer. They are super-duper comfortable and perfect to flaunt in the heat. Stock up on a neat pair of denim shorts or a denim playsuit and high-waisted colourful shorts. Go for pastels for that super cool and stylish look. 

A Floral Summer Dress 
I have floral dresses that are lightweight and breezy those catch the air. I like dresses in soft cotton or linen that I can style in different ways. The best summer dresses are those that can easily transcend from day to night with a few changes. 

Linen Trousers
One of the most important summer essentials that everyone needs are linen trousers. They are perfect for the office, a day out or a vacation. Do not restrict yourself to white linen, go for beautiful candy colours and you are set for the summer. 

Tanks are a great way to upgrade your wardrobe in an inexpensive way this summer. Go crazy with the colours and prints in different materials and textures. Pair it with your shorts, linen trousers or jeans and you are set for your day. Do invest in a great white shirt as a basic go-to for layering with your tanks. 

High Waisted Trousers or Skirts
Summers call for accentuating your best asset. Pick high waisted lower that you can style with so much variation from t-shirts to tanks and to kurtas. High waists flatter shapes and look great in the summers. Now is the time you can experiment with culottes to up your style ante. 

Flip Flops and Flats
Keep your feet happy in flip-flops and flats flaunting your perfectly manicured feet. Flip-flops and flats enable your feet to breathe and keep them cool and happy.

Colourful Accessories
Summers as usual call for an overload of colour. However since your wardrobe is full of colour, it is great to invest in some classic gold pieces that compliment ever colour and hue. Ditch the junky and statement jewellery and opt for tiny and simple pieces to add a breath of fresh air to your look. 

Go pink and peach in the summers to soften your look. Keep the eyes muted and play with rouge and lipsticks in bright shades. The one thing you can experiment with is the nail polish. Last but not the least invest in a great sunblock. Do not for any reason forget sunscreen whether you are indoors or venturing out. Keep your skin hydrated, protect from the harmful sun rays and be generous with moisturiser and sunscreen. 

I reach out for my sunglasses all-round the year but I make sure that during the summers I have a pair in my bag, in my car and in my office. You never know when you forget one and need it in the summer heat. Try from a load of styles available and flaunt the ones you like best. 

Sling Bags
Easy to carry, available in multiple styles and colours, Slings give me a youthful exuberance. Of all those available in the market, my personal choice is drawstring style with multiple pockets. Go for an over-sized one to ensure all your essentials fit in your sling.

So do you have all your summer essentials? If anything is missing, head straight to get your Summer Fashion, Beauty, Makeup essentials using some amazing coupons and deals easily accessible at CupoNation’s website. I found Yepme coupons for myself… See what they have in store for you??

Do you have something on your summer essential list that I’ve missed out? Let me know in the comments below. 

Have a sunny day,
~ Heena

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