A Beginners Guide To Buying Men's T-Shirts

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A Beginners Guide To Buying Men's T-Shirts

T-Shirts are a staple in a man’s wardrobe, without which the right side of every closet will practically be empty. Even though most men do not wear t-shirts on a daily basis, the choice that they have is humongous. From lightweight casual to semi-formal comfortable to even dressy, t-shirts are available in loads of colours, patterns and styles. 

Sometimes it does get difficult to pick the right t-shirts from the many options available, especially if you’re a girl picking up a surprise for your guy.  I did so to. And thus, here is a guide that will help you with the basics of what you must consider while buying men’s t-shirts. 

The first and most important factor while choosing men’s t-shirt is determining the right size. There is a huge difference in picking a piece that is one size smaller or a size larger… a smaller option will make him look like a body-builder while a larger option will seem like a tent. When trying / picking a t-shirt look out for the following: 

Sleeve Seam
Keep an eye on the sleeve seam, which should be perfectly in-line with the shoulder. If the t-shirt is larger than the right size the seam will seem to droop a little bit while if the size is smaller than the right size the seam will pull up over the shoulder. 

Sleeve Length
For half sleeved t-shirts, the sleeve should end exactly between your shoulder and elbow and not drag downwards, unless the style warrants that. For full sleeved t-shirts make sure there is not a lot of bunching at the wrist, else it clearly the wrong size. 

If these two many areas are covered, you will have the perfect t-shirt that is right for his body type, unless he has a lot of problem areas like the paunch, love handles, etc. But even then stick to the right size because contrary to popular belief that a larger size hides problem areas, in fact larger sizes accentuate them and make the problems more oblivious. 

Another thing to remember while shopping for men’s t-shirts, you must be in tune with the style of the t-shirt. Muscle and shape wear t-shirts are designed as inner wear and thus must be a smug fit making it the second skin. Short sleeved t-shirts are the most popular and are worn semi-fitted and thus must be brought in comfortable, lightweight styles. Long sleeved t-shirts are mainly used in cooler climates, worn over another t-shirt or a shirt and thus must be a more loose fit.

Since everyone now shops men's t-shirts online most of the time, one must make sure to check the size guide for the product before adding them to the cart. Most size guides have all the basic information as the Fit-type, Sleeve length, chest and waist measurements, neckline depth, etc. Narrow down your search choosing all your preferences and the go shopping. 

I have in this guide covered the basics that I use for selecting and buying men’s t-shirts. Hope you find it helpful. 

Any tricks up your sleeve?
~ Heena

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  1. So helpful guide, thank you dear!! ^-^

  2. this is drive me crazy if must buy for man t-shirt or formal outfit.
    but thank you for the tips about size and trick to measure it.
    really helpful.

  3. I agreed on what you said. Determine the size is the most important! Thanks for sharing.

  4. all men should read this!
    i see many guys wearing standard fit as skinny fit, such that the shoulder seam rides up onto their shoulders, which is pretty awkward.

  5. Every time I buy a man T shirt, I will end up break with him. huhuhu

  6. I personallt love shopping at the men's section for lazy caual shirts. The number 1 thing i check is the shirt length bec sometimws even when the shirt is great, the length is awkward

  7. Hey what a great idea to buy t-shirt! great article keep it up.